UC Field Hockey Team Has Rewarding Season

Megan Hudson, Staff Writer

    This past fall, the UC High Girls Varsity Field Hockey Team had a rewarding season as they won League and went to semi-finals of CIF, and with plenty of returning players and a determined attitude, they plan to do just as well this upcoming fall.

   Current Senior and Former Team Captain Kelsie Law is hoping next year’s team will trust each other as well as last season, in order to improve their teamwork abilities. She also added that they should work on perfecting the fundamentals so they can learn new individual skills as well.

   “A major goal for next year is making CIF again,” stated Junior Marla Giordano. Giordano is excited for next year’s team and plans to work hard and accomplish new goals, such as winning the Division Two CIF Championship.

   One major concern for returning players is the loss of the seniors. “We are going to need to work extra hard to make up for the loss of some of our strongest players,” stated Junior Shauna Whitney.

   According to Head Coach Amber Zimmermann, the Hot Stix Field Hockey Program recently established a new team called the “Seahawks.” “It’s a local middle school club team that allows players to get exposure to field hockey starting in sixth grade. The benefit of this program for high school teams is that try outs and preseason can focus on teamwork and advanced skills instead of the basics,” stated Zimmermann.

   “As a team, we want to keep making every season the best it can be, and if we all work hard together we can achieve our goals,” added Giordano. “Next season is going to be different for sure without the seniors and with all the new players coming on; however, after we adjust, we will be fully on track.”

   “Field hockey is a really amazing sport and I am ready to start playing again. Next year will be my last year on the team. I want to make it the best it can be so I can cherish it,” stated Giordano.

   Whitney commented, “I am looking forward to being back with my team. It is really nice practicing with the girls everyday and it helps me take my mind off school.”