Boisvert Beats Out Competition With Positivity, Effort, and Talent

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Boisvert Beats Out Competition With Positivity, Effort, and Talent

Audrey Continelli, Staff Writer

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     Senior Elise Boisvert is an outstanding athlete, with record times and a great personality. As a result of her hard work and outstanding work ethic, Boisvert has committed to run both Track and Field and Cross Country at the University of Oklahoma.

   Though it may seem like it, Boisvert has not been a runner her whole life. In fact, her only running experience prior to joining the UC High team was a Fun Run in the fifth grade. However, she was still athletic growing up. She danced and played soccer and volleyball. It was not until freshman year that she started running Track and Cross Country.

   Teammate Senior Renee Torre said that Boisvert is an amazing athlete and teammate who encourages everyone and works very hard. All this hard work is how Boisvert was able to run a 5:09 minute mile this year. She has a personal record of 5:03 ( She is working very hard to achieve her goal of breaking five minutes for her mile.

   One of Boisvert’s goals is to make the Cross Country Travel Squad as a freshman in college. The Cross Country Travel Squad is like the varsity of collegiate sports. She also wants to compete at Big 12 conferences as a freshman. No doubt about it, with all the hard work Boisvert puts in, she can achieve these goals!

   Boisvert is ecstatic to have beaten one of UC High’s biggest rivals, Cathedral, in track. When UC High competed against Cathedral she ran the 1600 meter and 3200 meter races. She specializes in the 3200, and it is her favorite. Boisvert’s 3200 personal record is 10:57 as of her junior year. This year she has ran a 11:13 in the 3200 (

   Boisvert mentioned she is individually undefeated in League in both the 1600 and the 3200. She is also looking to claim a League title individually in both those events. Boisvert is working hard to achieve these goals before going off to college to accomplish new goals.

   “Elise has definitely grown as an athlete and runner; she’s one of the most hard working people I know. She knows how much time and energy this sport requires and she has no problem making those sacrifices,” said Torre. Putting this sport and schoolwork first is what helped Boisvert succeed as an athlete and student.

    “I think Elise deserves Athlete of the Month, because she is really good at what she does and is always willing to put in the work. It is one thing just doing a sport because you’re good at it, but she takes the time to do extra little things because she loves the sport so much,” said Torre.

  “Elise is a great teammate because she’s a positive influence and she’s fun to be around! She’s very silly and can make almost anyone smile,” said Junior Tori Michaelian.

   “She’s incredibly hard working and encourages us to work just as hard. Elise is dedicated to the program and stands by the belief that if you put the work in, positive results will come of it. Watching her run is motivational, as we all aspire to be as successful as she is,” said Michaelian.

   Yes, many students are very good athletes but, to succeed as an athlete at the next level, it takes heart and drive. That fire, passion, love, and desire will continue with Elise Boisvert at the University of Oklahoma, and she will keep striving to improve her personal record.

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