UC Girls Sand Volleyball Dive into Upcoming Playoffs


Mina Orlic

Junior Natalie Dhus jumps up to poke the ball.

Julia Moyer, Staff Writer

   The UC High Girls Varsity Sand Volleyball Team has been putting in a lot of hard work with hopes of making finals again this year. With a game at least once a week, the girls are dedicated and motivated. “Our team goal is to win as many games as possible,” said Sophomore Megan Waldichuk.

    For varsity, only the top five teams’ matches count. The top five teams tend to rotate weekly, depending on practice. Teams and partners are chosen based on skill, effort, and compatibility, along with performance and practice and past matches.   

   “Our entire team is very close and we all work extremely well together no matter who we play with,” commented Senior Grace Hartin.

   Waldichuk added, “We all have love for the sport, so we collaborate together very effectively.”

   Team collaboration in sand volleyball is very important when it comes down to game time. It is crucial to work together to understand what plays you and your partner will make during the match.

   So far this season, the team has won three matches and lost two. “In order to win a match, the most important quality to have during a game is to stay focused,” said Waldichuk.

   “My personal goal is to get better on offense, but the hardest thing for me is keeping my composure together. I am usually very hard on myself, so it’s difficult for me to keep it together and play calmly,” explained Hartin.

   Senior Cassy Goldenstein added, “My goal is to not lose a single game.”

   “I believe that Coronado High School is our team’s rival,” said Hartin. “We play them every year and we usually have very competitive games against them,” she explained.

   “My favorite thing about the sport is that it is just you and your partner on the court, so you have to work together, and trust each other,” explained Goldenstein.

   “The majority of the girls on the team are extremely close, so we hang out together outside of school to build team chemistry,” commented Hartin.

   Waldichuk said, “The toughest thing for me is when I am playing against a strong team.”

   Goldenstein added, “I believe that the hardest part for me, is to find the energy to keep jumping and moving around during long rallies.”

    “I think that wind is probably one of the hardest factors in sand volleyball. When it gets windy you have to keep the ball low,” said Sophomore Jordan Freedman.

    For many of the players, sand volleyball is a fun way to stay fit in the indoor off-season.

   “I joined the team to get exercise as well as have some fun with friends,” said Hartin.

   Goldenstein explained, “I chose to play because I wanted to continue playing with all of the seniors when I was a sophomore.”

   “Our team has a lot of underclassmen that are insanely talented. They will definitely keep the program strong,” said Hartin.

  “Next year, we will be losing some seniors, but we will also be gaining new players. I think we will do well next season,” added Waldichuk.