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Less-experienced Boys Golf Team Swing Away at New Season

Dean Ormsby, Staff Writer

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   The UC High Boys Golf Team is swinging their clubs this spring after winning CIF the last two years in hopes of recapturing the title of defending League champions. With several matches still remaining, the players are still hopeful of competing in the CIF tournament.

   “Individually, we have been doing pretty well. We have three players who have been playing really well,” said Senior Cole Doolittle. “I think that at least two of our players are going to play in CIF.”

    According to Doolittle, the top 120 golfers in the county compete in the CIF tournament, and a certain amount of players advance after each day.

    With a lack of overall experience on the team, the golfers are struggling to win matches, but with their positive attitude and strong work ethic, the team can improve enough to compete at a high level for the remainder of the season.

   “We had a couple new people joining the team, so we are having a slow start, but we are still doing well. If we had a little more experience, then we might have done better at the beginning of the season,” said Doolittle.

   “We are a little low on players, but our team work ethic is really good and we are improving all of the time,” said Senior Matt Hekman.

     High school golfers play nine holes in each match compared to professional golfers who play eighteen holes. In a match, there are six people who play on each team. After each player has played on all nine holes, the five lowest scores for each team are added up. The lowest score wins.

   “It’s not like any other sport, because you don’t have to be too physically fit, but there is still some difficulty,” said Senior Nathan Stepanski. “Hitting one bad shot can throw you off your game, and it can make you suffer for the rest of the match,” he added.

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Less-experienced Boys Golf Team Swing Away at New Season