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Andree Ambitiously Achieves Goals in Athletics and Academics

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Andree Ambitiously Achieves Goals in Athletics and Academics

Megan Hudson, Staff Writer

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   Senior Elena Andree is an outstanding runner, teammate, and student who gives 100 percent in the classroom and on the track.

   Andree said, “My favorite part about track is the way that we all push each other to our limits so that we can improve both individually and as a team.” Her goal is to keep improving her skills in any way she can. Her passion and talent follows her not just in track, but throughout everything she does. She explained that she uses the ambition and productivity involved in track throughout all aspects of her life.

   Teammate Julia Cowell described Andree as a person who brings much energy and positivity to the team. Cowell explained that her radiant attitude really helps them come together as a team. She believes Andree is always up for whatever challenge she is given.

  “Andree sets such a great example for UC Track with both her mindset and attitude. She puts full effort into everything she does, which is something you don’t see very often,” explained Teammate Kimmi Weiss.

   Track and Field Coach John Hutsel said, “Her compassion towards other people helps everyone on the team, and she also helps young athletes with her strong leadership skills.” Hutsel added that Andree is on top of everything she does, and along with being a very motivated and talented runner, she is also a  great teammate and person.

   Not only is Andree an outstanding track teammate, but her hard-working nature translates to her school work, as seen in her outstanding grades. Andree said, “To achieve my academic goals, I’ve had to improve my time management skills, put a lot of time and effort into my classes, and exercise willpower.” Andree’s hard work has paid off, as she was admitted into Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT)  to study bioengineering and biochemistry.

    Andree explained that her experience in track is helping her in her daily life. Her personality makes her a key teammate; however, her leadership skills, kindness, and ambition help guide her through everything she does in life.

“Track provides the perfect way for me to clear my head, so it improves my ability to focus on school and work towards both my academic and athletic goals,” said Andree.

    Andree pushes herself to be the best she can be, and to achieve what she sets out to do like getting good grades, getting into a good college, working hard in track.

    Overall,  Andree is an exceptional athlete as well as a smart and determined student. While she has already accomplished a few of her goals, she plans to accomplish many more in the future.

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Andree Ambitiously Achieves Goals in Athletics and Academics