UC High Boys Lacrosse Looks to Improve from Last Season


Helen Tadesse

UC High lacrosse athletes participate in a scrimmage at tryouts on Saturday, February 17.

Kyla Esquivel, Photographer

   The UC High Boys Lacrosse Team plays in the spring, and they play games almost every Thursday and Friday night. The boys are a tight-knit group and work very well together. Last year, the team did not do as well as they wanted to do, but this year, they have a goal to work harder and connect more as a team on and off the field.

   Senior Callum McRae has been playing lacrosse for the past four years. “I really enjoy the sport, because I get to make new friends, and we all share a love for this sport, which makes us excited to play together,” said McRae. The team had five losses last year, but they hope to get better and work harder as a team this year.

   “I love playing lacrosse, because it keeps me in shape, and it makes me happy,” said Senior Bryce Todd. Todd has been playing the sport for nine years, and he was excited to play it at school. “Last year, I feel like I did not play my best, and I am determined to give my all this upcoming season.”

   “The coaches help us a lot, and they push us to be our best. I am a little scared to see what they plan on doing this year, because we did not do our best last year,” said Senior Trevor Carlin. Carlin has been playing lacrosse for seven years; he got into it, because he watched it on television, and he thought it looked fun.

   Carlin added, “Last year was an upsetting year, and I really hope we will get better. We have to continue to push ourselves and work harder.” Carlin wants the best for his team, and he wants them to succeed. The boys on the team are anxious for the team to get back together, because they want to prove to themselves they can have a better year.

   Boys Lacrosse is a very well-respected sport on the UC High campus, and there are many fans out there. One such fan is Senior Mikayla Garcia, who plays lacrosse for the UC High Girls Lacrosse Team. She has a lot of friends on the team, and she gives them advice when she can. “I know the boys can get better this year if they work hard and play hard, and I cannot wait to see them on the field later this year,” said Garcia.