Heinz Leads In and Out of the Water

Emma Truchan, Sta

   Senior Emily Heinz began swimming at the Swanson Pool in her early childhood years. She first discovered her love for water polo during a clinic at San Diego State University, where she was exposed to high-level play. She was inspired to play club water polo, and she has been playing ever since.

   Heinz has been swimming and playing water polo for UC High since her freshman year, and has experienced how the competition can bring peers together. “I think that it’s a really cool dynamic, being able to play with a lot of close friends for a few months. It’s a fun experience,” said Heinz.

  Through the busy schedule of school and club athletics, Heinz manages to remain on top of her academics. “It takes a lot of time management and commitment to your sport and your grades. You just need to put in a lot of effort with both and give up a lot of your free time,” said Heinz.

   Heinz has taken on the responsibility of becoming one of this year’s team captains alongside Seniors Izzy Halaka and Janelle Hicks, and she has proven to be a good fit for the role. “She knows how to help her other teammates and guide us without being too commanding or strict. She’s strong and confident in what she says and what she does, and she is comfortable in giving us direction, which really helps her as a captain,” said Freshman Samantha Yoo. “I know that she’s always there to keep us motivated and keep the team working as a unit,” she added.

   Her speed helps her succeed in both swim and water polo. Heinz’s invaluable athleticism has helped to support the team, bringing them a successful season in league matches with three wins and two losses. “Her experience helps out the team a lot in set. She’s a strong overall player. Her speed in the water also gives us a huge advantage, especially if we’re down,” remarked Yoo. Senior Co-Captain Isabelle Halaka agreed, “She’s fast and very aggressive in her play.”

  Despite having a successful career in water polo, Heinz does not have plans for playing for a collegiate team. “I went through the whole recruiting process for playing in college, and realized what a huge time commitment it is. So I decided that I’m probably going to do club water polo instead.”

   Heinz’s presence on the Girls Water Polo Team will be missed when she graduates, but her strong leadership and experience will leave a lasting mark on the team.