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Annual Powderpuff Game Provides Fun and Fundraising

Jazveline Martinez, Staff Writer

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“…it’s a fun school event that brings a lot of fundraising to our class, plus I get to try out a new sport I’ve never tried out!””

— Senior Lillian Wood

   It’s juniors versus seniors in the annual fundraising Powderpuff game! The game will take place at UC High’s football field on March 2 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

   Senior Natalie Minteer said, “Powderpuff, to me, is a game where the girls from the Junior and Senior Classes get together and compete in a nice and friendly football game, while raising money for the school.”

   Each class is in charge of getting their own team ready, including setting practice dates and getting coaches from their own class. Senior Lillian Wood said, “The juniors are completely in charge of their own practices; they have their own coaches. The seniors can have completely different practices and coaches. It’s completely separate. ”

   Minteer added, “We have coaches from the guys’ Football Team, and they teach us how to play. They’re going to be the people who get us ready for Powderpuff.”

   Each Powderpuff Team includes girls from the Junior and Senior Classes. According to Junior Casey Sandoval, “So far, in one of our meetings, we’ve had about fifteen to twenty girls [express interest in joining].”

   Even though it might seem like a fierce competition, some of the girls joined just to be able to have a fun game with their friends. Some even joined to make new friends. Wood said, “It’s a fun way to make friends. It’s a good way to spend time with my friends since it’s my last year here at UC.”

   Wood also added, “This is a good way to celebrate my senior year. I really wanted to be a part of it, because it’s a fun school event that brings a lot of fundraising to our class, plus I get to try out a new sport I’ve never tried out!”

   Minteer said, “I wanted to be more involved in school activities, and Powderpuff is a great way to get together with my girls and have fun.”

   During the Powderpuff halftime show, there will be male cheerleaders performing dances. “Watching the male cheerleaders perform during halftime is one of my favorite parts of the game,” Minteer added.

  “I’m looking forward to being able to practice and getting together with my friends. Also, playing the game in general and having people watch us play, I feel, will be a lot of fun,” Sandoval added.

   Some of the juniors are confident that they will win this year’s Powderpuff game. “This year will be different, because I won’t be in the stands watching the game. I’ll be able to participate this time and be part of the team,” said Sandoval.

   Last year’s Powderpuff game didn’t end well, and resulted in an altercation between the Junior and Senior Teams. Minteer said, “Hopefully nothing too crazy happens this year, and we can all have a good peaceful game.”

  “I’m excited, but I’ll probably be a little bit nervous before the game. There’s always a lot of people who go to Powderpuff, so everyone has a lot of eyes looking at them, but overall, I think it’ll be an interesting game,” Wood said.

   Come to the game, and help raise money for your class. Good luck to the juniors and seniors participating. See you there!


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Annual Powderpuff Game Provides Fun and Fundraising