Sammie Staples is a Staple for the Girls Basketball Team

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Sammie Staples is a Staple for the Girls Basketball Team

Kayli Sandoval, News Editor

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Hard working, driven, and talented, Junior Co-Captain Samantha “Sammie” Staples first fell in love with the sport of basketball at the age of six while playing at the Standley Recreation Center. Since then, she has only become more dedicated, never looking back.

   Staples has played recreational, travel, and three seasons of high school basketball. According to a high school sport statistic website, she is currently leading the UC High Team with 102 rebounds, both offensive and defensive. What’s more impressive is that she’s done this in only the first 16 games of the season (

   Varsity Head Coach David Asuncion said, “She’s a great athlete. She works her tail off, and she’s very coachable. She’s a very positive influence on all the girls around her. She leads by example, and she’s done a great job of showing up to practice everyday and working hard.”

   Staples said cheerily, “Basketball is truly a team sport. I have been involved with many other sports teams, but basketball has always been different. In order to be successful, we have to really know each other and have confidence in our teammates’ abilities.”

   Sophomore Riley Reinhardt said, “I love Sammie. She is such a great leader for any team or any group she’s in. She’s always so positive, knows how to lighten the mood, and can always make someone feel better. She is also always pushing herself, and her teammates, to get better.”

   “As co-captain, I do my best to get my teammates excited for our games, and I always try to have a positive attitude. I think that is most important, because basketball can be super stressful, and it’s easy to get frustrated. We have to work together and remember that we are a team,” Staples explained.

   Parents Lisa and Tony Staples said, “Sammie has a very high basketball IQ acquired over her years of playing the sport. She is a strong competitor who always looks out for her teammates, and it has been fun watching her develop her skills. She is a very diligent, committed student who gives 100 percent to her studies. She applies herself similarly to her athletic endeavors and is a great teammate.”

   Balancing schoolwork with sports can be very challenging, but Staples has done more than just persevere; she has earned straight As since sixth grade. Staples said, “Managing my time as a student athlete has been extremely difficult, but I make it work by always putting my school work ahead of anything else. Before practices and games, a few of my teammates and I will usually go somewhere to study or get some homework done. It’s really great, because we help each other out with our schoolwork and encourage one another both on and off the court.”

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