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Law Leads Team to Victory

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Law Leads Team to Victory

Kayli Sandoval, News Editor

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Field Hockey. A game played by 11 players that requires much endurance, speed, dedication, and passion. Senior Kelsie Law exceeds all the aforementioned requirements, which was showcased as she helped lead this and last year’s Field Hockey Team to win back-to-back League Championships and get to the second round of CIF playoffs two years in a row.

   Law has been playing field hockey since she was a freshman here at UC High and has since developed into a vital component of the team’s past years’ success. Coach Amber Zimmermann explained, “She impacts the team with her positive leadership and ability to bring the team together. She’s one of the first ones at practice and the last to leave. She prioritizes her time to excel in school and in her commitments on the team.”

  It all started the summer before freshman year, when one of Law’s close friends convinced her to go to a local field hockey clinic to check out the sport, and practice before high school tryouts. “I got Kelsie into playing field hockey, because we were in the same friend group in middle school, and we had all been talking about playing the sport so she decided to play as well,” said Senior Sarah Pickering.

   Over this past Thanksgiving break she, along with some of her high school teammates, flew out to Florida to play in the National Hockey Festival, in search of recruiting opportunities from college scouts.

   Law has been a captain of the team two out of three years on the Varsity Team. With these leadership roles, Law explained, “I’ve really been able to enhance my leadership skills.”

   Zimmermann said, “Kelsie’s leadership style develops her into a great captain. Not only does she lead by example, but she truly cares about every single player in the field hockey program. She has a heart of gold.”

   Co-Captain Mia Wiggins added, “Being captain with her has been a fun experience, and she is a great leader. As a friend, she’s always there for you and always trying to make you laugh and cheer you up. As an athlete, she’s always giving 100 percent on the field and never quits.”

   “As an athlete, she is really talented, but she still always makes sure that the rest of her team is doing well. She is very encouraging and a great team player. What I like most is how even though she is very serious about the sport and is one of the best players on the team, she never leaves anyone behind and is always up for a good laugh in the middle of practice,” said Pickering.

  “Kelsie sees the positive in each of her teammates. She truly is their biggest fan and would do anything for them. Her passion for field hockey is evident each and every day and I believe it inspires her teammates and coach!” said Zimmermann.

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Law Leads Team to Victory