Boys Soccer Building on Last Year


Daniella Jurado

Senior Sage Corona passes the ball to a waiting teammate.

Jack O'Donnell, Staff Writer

During the 2016-2017 season, the Boys Varsity Soccer Team finished with ten wins, six losses, and six ties.

  According to the Maxpreps website, the leading scorers for last season were Captain Alex Churness, who had 18 goals, and Current Senior Cole Bechtel, who had 9 goals (

   “Last year, we did a lot better than previous years. We were very close to making CIF, which we haven’t done in awhile, so it was an improvement,” said Churness.

Senior Captain Sage Corona said, “We won ten games last year, which is the most in the last two years. We finally connected as a team. We became a whole unit. This year is going to be the year where we kick it up a notch.”

   Churness said, “This year we have a new coach. We want to make CIF. I’m going to play every game like it could be my last.”

   New Varsity Head Coach Chris Tolles said, “I am very excited about this upcoming season. I spent the last three years as an assistant with the Scripps Ranch Varsity and before that seven years as head coach of the San Diego High Varsity team. I’m looking forward to running my own program again.”

Corona said, “I know he’s going to be a really good coach. He’s been to two CIF finals. He hasn’t won yet, but he’s hoping to change that here.”

Churness and Corona both agreed that the team will need to work on adjusting to the new coach’s style of play.

   “Everyone from the administration to the parents to the other coaches have been extremely helpful and friendly in the early stages as I’m trying to get acquainted with the new school. We are also starting a freshman team this year, which is exciting news and a work in progress,” said Tolles.

   Tolles said, “Our record is 1-2. We are off to a slow start and there is an adjustment period whenever you have a new coach. We have had very little training time, so we are learning about each other on the fly. I feel we have a lot of talent on this team and look forward to a very successful season.”

  Corona said, “We’ve had our ups and downs.The team, when we play well, are the best ones out there, but when we’re not connecting…. Our mentality going into the game is thinking we’re going to well, and then once something goes wrong, our mentality just changes like that real quickly, and then we just start playing poorly, but I like how the team looks. We have some things to fix, and we’ll go from there.”

  “We didn’t do really well. Not how all of us hoped it would go. We started off with a win, and then lost the next two games. They were both close though. Should have been wins,” said Corona.

    Corona said, “The first game we played was against Fallbrook. It was 2-1. The second game, on Friday was I believe 2-1, but we lost, and then the third game was 2-0, a loss.”