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Granfors Gains Yards and Life Lessons

Luke Minnick

Luke Minnick

Micahrae Osteria, Features Editor

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   Ambitious, 6’3”, and number two on the field — all signs point to Junior Casey Granfors, Male Athlete of the Month.

   He plays wide receiver, linebacker, safety, and quarterback. “I would say my main position is wide receiver,” he explained.

   According to an official high school sports statistics website, Granfors is well above the national average ( But, along with that, he’s also resolute in his values and about what football means to him. “My favorite thing about football is that it can relate to anything in life,” he said. “The lessons you learn from the game of football are priceless.”

   Granfors first got into sports because of his parents and their observations about their restless son. “My parents are the reason I started sports. They noticed at a young age that I was hyper and enjoyed competition,” said Granfors.

   “My biggest supporters, I would say, are my coaches and father. They never give up on me and push me to my full potential,” he said.

   His passion for football all started with his older siblings. “I started playing football because all my older brothers played football and they inspired me to play,” added Granfors.

   “He’s a great athlete with insane size, incredible athletic ability, and a stellar attitude,” said Junior Colin Ruthenberg.

   “Casey’s really funny and a great guy to be around, as well as a great person to know,” said Senior Justin Anderson. “Big Daddy [Casey Granfors] is a man-child and a freak of nature, but he has a very warm heart.”

    As an athlete, football holds a special place in his heart. “Football means everything to me, because I love the sport, and it’s a way to release stress, anger, and anything else that is happening in my life,” he said.

   Granfors also stays optimistic about his schedule as an athlete. He has mastered the balance between sports and academics. “Being able to finish schoolwork while playing a sport isn’t as hard as it seems. You just have to have good time management,” he said.

   He intends on continuing his football career in college, and even though he isn’t sure about where he wants to attend, his dream college would be the University of Southern California.

   “My biggest tip that I could give is to play every single play like it’s your last, because you never know when it could be your last game,” said Granfors.

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Granfors Gains Yards and Life Lessons