Wearing Pajamas at School Does Not Negatively Impact Educational Success

Nadia Fadlu-Deen, Staff Writer

There is no need to worry about how to dress for school in the morning – because you’re already wearing pajamas! Why is it that pajamas at school have become the new normal? It’s because pajamas are the easiest and most comfortable clothing option out there, and they aren’t going anywhere.

Pajama culture has massively changed throughout the years. School is such a stressful place already, and many people have chosen to eliminate the obstacle of having to choose what to wear by going down the sleepwear route. Freshman Isa Neri said,“Why would I wake up and stress out about something as little as what I’m wearing when I have so many other things going on around me?” Clothing is trivial, and we all have better things to do than worry about fashion at school.

Maybe the pandemic helped bolster the idea that comfort clothing is acceptable in school. I mean most people didn’t dress up for Zoom. Why change when returning to in-person learning? Not only are pajamas super comfortable, but they are also stylish, coming in all different colors and textures. Sitting through classes is a struggle of its own, so why not do it with fuzzy pants on?

Fashion norms have evolved over time. What was formerly considered a failure to get ready in the morning is now a part of popular fashion. Learning is not something only to be accomplished by dressing “appropriately.” Learning is an attitude, not something that fashion can dictate. No one knows how much students can achieve until they put in the effort.

“It’s just easier to wear them. When it’s cold in the morning or I don’t feel like getting dressed up, I just wear my pajamas.” said Freshman Trista Fisher. Not having to think about matching outfits and feeling comfortable in class are all reasons pajamas have achieved such great popularity.

There is no correlation between what you are wearing and your ability to focus. Pajamas aren’t hurting anyone; in reality, it is simply clothing. Some say that it affects students’ attention span negatively. In reality, it doesn’t unless you let it. If pajamas make you fall asleep, then you probably shouldn’t wear them.

“I wouldn’t wear pajamas to do a presentation but I would any other day. I feel like it doesn’t affect my learning but it does make me feel more comfortable at school. Some days it’s just better to be comfortable,” said Freshman Monet Rahimpour. In high school, fashion trends come and go, but the pajama movement has elevated the concept of casual attire to new heights. Wearing pajamas at school is beneficial on many fronts, and the trend is not going away anytime soon.

No matter the reason why students wear them, it doesn’t seem to affect anyone negatively. Pajamas being part of casual everyday wear is a great thing, and it’s here to stay.