Forum: What can we do to build a better, safer UC community?

“We can build a better UC community by listening to each other and promoting tolerance and respect for everyone. It is easier for everyone to be happy if all of their opinions are heard.”

– Sophomore Maggie Prell


“If each of us did one small act of kindness to brighten someone’s day, our school would be a better place. Being one percent kinder a day means that, by the end of the school year, our school will be 100 percent kinder.”

– Senior Kaitlyn Tang


“Put more trash cans around the campus so I don’t have to throw my trash in my backpack.”

– Sophomore Ryan Khalil


“Actually promote mental health and self care to students. So many of us desperately need a break.”

– Sophomore Áine Govil


“Promote inclusivity, be understanding of others, and acknowledge each other’s backgrounds and perspectives.”

– Senior Alexus Grey


“To build a better UC community, the staff should allow for more emphasis to be made on the ways students can connect, or the kinds of activities groups of students can do together to meet and spend time with other people.”

– Sophomore Alex Olsen


“Offering more help for students who do not understand a subject or are struggling in a subject.”

– Sophomore Sophia Knowles


“More people to support smaller sports.”

– Senior Luke Granillo


“Keep classrooms an inclusive place where students are unafraid of teachers or other students.”

– Sophomore Nicholas Brantuas


“I think we could encourage COVID testing more to provide the student body and staff with a safer environment.”

– Senior Grace Mailloux


“Show respect for yourself and others.”

– Senior Jeremy Bach


“I think we need to educate people on why they can’t say certain words. On a daily basis I hear people saying racial and homophobic slurs and comments. When I hear these things I feel uncomfortable, and I’m sure I’m not speaking only for myself when I say this.”

– Sophomore Kylee Holguin


“To build a better and safer community we can connect with our fellow students, and just be more understanding of each other.”

– Senior Alexander Wicklund


“To have a kinder community, everyone should focus on the little things to make a bigger impact such as throwing away all your trash or holding the door open for others.”

– Sophomore Jenna Smith


“Try and get more clubs, and make sure everyone is interested in something.”

– Sophomore Logan Kelly


“We can crack down on hate speech online and in school. We can also emphasize the effects of drug use as it continues being prevalent.”

– Sophomore Mikaila Bulloch