Unsigned: Biden Will be a Unifying President

   In today’s society, Democrats and Republicans get along like cats and dogs. It seems that with every passing day, our country becomes more politically divided, and members of these two parties can find common ground on fewer topics than ever before. In some extreme instances, the most radical and mentally unstable members of these parties have committed violent acts, solely because of different world views. With this somewhat dystopian aspect of our world being so prevalent, many would be right to blame our nation’s political gridlock on this division. However, there is hope yet again. President-elect Joe Biden will soon take office, and with this power shift will come a new type of American progress. Even with a likely Rebublican-controlled Senate, Biden will be able to enact many bipartisan laws that might not have come to fruition with a different President.

   While there is a lot of well known division between Republicans and Democrats, there is also a lot of division within the Democratic Party itself. Most of this stems from the differences in what people call moderate Democrats and progressive Democrats. Moderate Democrats tend to side with the left when it comes to an increase in taxes, as well as more social programs for the less fortunate. Most progressives support these things; however, many of them place a higher emphasis on social issues, such as the fight against institutional racism, as well as the fight to implement environmentally conscious policies, according to the Washington Post (washingtonpost.com).

   Biden is a self-described moderate, and because he is closer to the center than the progressives, and has worked closely in the past with senators on both sides, he is more likely (and willing) to be able to strike deals that a more divisive President. According to CNN, “Biden is the epitome of a pragmatic centrist, and a guy who likes to find a way to make deals — even if it requires giving something to Republicans in order to get something for his side. Biden clearly relished his work with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to avert the debt ceiling crisis of 2011 and the fiscal cliff of 2013” (cnn.com). Biden has been involved in politics for many years, and he has clearly demonstrated that he is willing to compromise.

  While Biden is willing to compromise, that does not mean that all Democrats are willing to do so. Some may not be willing to come together on bipartisan issues that are essential to the survival of our nation. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to provide stimulus relief perfectly exemplifies this. According to the Washington Post, “Pelosi cared more about stopping Trump from putting his name on a check before Election Day than helping struggling Americans. Even members of her own caucus, such as Representative Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), called her out” (washingtonpost.com). “Pelosi definitely shouldn’t have done that. We probably would have gotten the stimulus a long time ago if she did her job,” said Senior Daniel Solomon. It is very clear that not all Democrats are unwilling to make bipartisan agreements. Many of them, such as Pelosi, are willing to sacrifice the well-being of millions of Americans in order to further their own agendas, and undermine President Trump.

   While Biden may not be the perfect pick for all Democrats, he is a great pick for the country right now, during such divisive times. He will no doubt try to bring the parties, and the country, together. McConnell has made it publicly clear that he is willing to work with any President in order to provide stimulus relief for all those who need it, and luckily, that President is Biden. Maybe, if Congress can start to work together, we all can.