Halloween is the Superior Fall Holiday

Dean Ormsby, Opinions Editor

   As the year comes to a close and we suffocate in the thick mire of political opinions we can’t be bothered to care about, one savior will rise above all. Fall holidays are some of the few redeeming things that occur in this season. The weather is mediocre, schoolwork increases in pace, and political tensions are as high as they can be, but at least we can drown our sorrows in gravy. While all holidays that occur in this season are absolutely amazing, there is one that supersedes the rest. Halloween is the only good thing about October, and is also objectively the best fall holiday.

   Halloween’s biggest fall competitor is obviously Thanksgiving, but unfortunately there are too many shortcomings for the Turkey Day to stand atop the podium. Thanksgiving is known for centering around family, and while many people enjoy reuniting with old family members, for some it can be less than enjoyable. Many people simply don’t enjoy spending time with their extended relatives for one reason or another. Whether it’s Aunt Carol’s insensitive questions, or those dreadful in-laws, we all have to tolerate at least a couple people during large family gatherings, and that’s an issue that Halloween simply doesn’t have. Halloween is a holiday that can be spent with anyone. There is no traditional limit on who you can celebrate it with, and for that reason it is more enjoyable.

   Halloween is one of the most dynamic holidays out there. Unlike most holidays, you can celebrate it in a different way every year. The traditions it holds are different for every age group as well. Children go trick-or-treating, teenagers and young adults go to costume parties, and parents get to take their kids trick-or-treating. There’s a different kind of fun for everyone, as opposed to Thanksgiving, where the only thing that changes is the ever-growing disdain for those idiotic relatives.

   Not only is Thanksgiving less fun, but it’s also much less healthy to partake in. According to The New York Times, “The average American consumes about 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat throughout Thanksgiving Day” (nytimes.com). That’s an absurd amount of calories, and is close to double the recommended amount for both men and women, according to our Government’s Health Website (health.gov). Halloween does put an emphasis on eating sweet treats, but it is nowhere near as unhealthy as Thanksgiving. It would be in the best interest of our bodies to skip the traditional foods associated with the holiday entirely, and at that point, is it even worth celebrating?

   As far as holidays go, Thanksgiving has one of the most controversial origins. According to Business Insider, “Massachusetts colony governor John Winthrop declared a day of thanksgiving to celebrate colonial soldiers who had just slaughtered 700 Pequot men, women, and children in what is now Mystic, Connecticut” (businessinsider.com). How did this even become a National Holiday in the first place? With a history as dark and depressing as Thanksgiving, Halloween is clearly the better holiday.

    Overall, it is quite evident that Halloween is the best fall holiday. The traditions it provides are unique and diverse. It gives people the freedom to celebrate with whomever they choose, and it rarely results in the purchasing of a plane ticket. People can also take solace due to its tame origin, something it doesn’t share with Thanksgiving. 

   In addition, the costumes we wear allow us to express ourselves in a unique way that we wouldn’t get to do otherwise. “You get to be selective on who you want to be, and be a character who resonates with your personality. The creativity of picking costumes and being able to turn yourself into someone else is really cool, especially when costumes are coordinated with friends. Overall, it just makes Halloween a really cool holiday,” said Senior Daniel Solomon. Halloween is one of the coolest holidays, and it will continue to touch the lives of all of those who choose to celebrate it.