Banners Advertising County Fair Feature UC Leaders

Allison Rojas, Staff Writer

   This summer, on June 7 through July 4, the San Diego County Fair returns to the Del Mar Fairgrounds, with UC High students to be featured on a variety of the banners showcased throughout the fair.

   Representatives from the SD County Fair connected with the University City Community Association (UCCA) a few months ago about having members of the UC community featured on the banners, according to Principal Michael Paredes. UCCA leadership thought that this was a perfect opportunity to have the UC High School students showcased in the community in the weeks leading up to the fair. 

    A Google Form was sent to all UC High Staff to nominate a UC High senior student to be featured on banners that will be hanging around the UC Community. The request was to identify a student who exemplifies leadership on campus through their participation in any one of UC’s programs (academic, visual and performing arts, athletic, pathways and/or clubs, for example).

   “I’m thrilled and grateful that our Centurions have been selected to be featured on the San Diego County Fair promotional banners in the UC community. I’m looking forward to seeing some of our student leaders’ faces during my drive to work and the end of the day,” said Paredes.

   Senior Lillian Haley (left) was recommended by the UC High girls varsity lacrosse coach to be on one of the banners. Haley was thrilled knowing that the coach she looks up to recognized her as more than just a player on the field. Haley said, “I found out I was going to be on one of the banners in my second period when I got the ‘VIP’ meeting pass from Mr. P. I was very happy to know that my coach thinks of me in such a way to recommend me as an athletic leader.”

   Senior Alejandro Alvarez (center) was shocked once he found out he was nominated to be featured on the student banners hanging up around the UC community. Alvarez was also surprised when he found out it was Science Teacher Maureen Quessenberry who had nominated him. Alvarez said, “My favorite part about being on the banners is knowing that I’m doing the right things, and it’s nice to be recognized for what I do, knowing that I can make an impact.” 

   Senior Yasmin Merkel (right) was nominated by ASB Advisor Samantha Cruz. Merkel said, “My favorite part about this whole process was being able to surprise my family and friends who are not aware that I was chosen to be featured on a fair banner this year.” Merkel will attend the fair this year and hopes to see the banners around the UC community.

   Each banner promotes the San Diego County Fair and includes a photograph of the student leader. Each year, the San Diego County Fair hosts a Student Showcase where middle, high, and community college teachers enter their student’s work into a competitive exhibit. Entering projects gives schools and students exposure, credibility, awards, recognition, and free fair admission.