Students and Staff Prepare for a Noteworthy Homecoming Weekend


Josh Click

Crowns for the King and Queen on the Homecoming court.

Tara Djordjevic, Staff Writer

   UC High’s student and staff population anticipate the Homecoming football game and dance, to be held in the school’s gym from 7 to 10 p.m. on October 1.

UC High’s Associated Student Body (ASB) has been working to grow student spirit with regards to the Homecoming game and dance. Sophomore Class President Lan-Vi Nguyen said, “We have so many cool ideas that we hope to incorporate into the dance that will match this year’s theme! The game is also highly anticipated and we will be sure to show out during halftime, which will feature the Homecoming court.”

Junior Molly Ryan is eager to partake in the Spirit Week leading up to Homecoming. She said, “I love Spirit Week because it is always super fun to go all out and show school spirit, so I will definitely be participating.”

The dance will be held tomorrow night. “We have so many ideas for the dance and we are excited to execute our vision,” said Nguyen.

According to the ASB’s Instagram page, the dance will have an aquatic theme, and is called the “Under the U-Sea” Homecoming dance (instagram. com).

   Centurion Sound, UC High’s Marching Band and Colorguard, has been preparing to provide a noteworthy performance of this year’s show during the Homecoming football game’s halftime. Sophomore Kaitlyn Dennis said, “We’ve been practicing a lot… Even before the school year began, we had two weeks of band camp, where we had practice everyday for 11 hours.”

   Dennis said, “At the beginning, [Centurion Sound] will play the National Anthem on the track, then go up into the stands to play pep tunes. At half-time, we will get to perform our field show, then continue playing pep tunes the rest of the evening.”

Students are excited to see the Homecoming game. Sophomore Carley Connor said, “The game better be hype and have a lot of school spirit! Hopefully, the student section is energetic.”

Connor said, “For the dance, I’m definitely getting a new dress and some cute shoes to match with the theme. Maybe I’ll even dye my hair. I am super excited to see how the decorations turn out and how ASB pulled the theme together.”