New Trolley Improves Local Public Transportation


Miranda Figueroa

The new trolley extension is an addition to the Metropolitan Transit System that connects University City to other parts of San Diego.

Matteo Faucheux, Staff Writer

   The San Diego UTC trolley extension was opened to the public on November 21, 2021 and will link UTC to the southern border, completing another step in San Diego’s plan to improve public transportation.

   A reporter for CBS News said,  “The long-awaited 2.2 billion dollar infrastructure project is one of the largest in San Diego history, adding 11 miles of track, expanding the trolley system by 20 percent, and connecting riders to the Sorrento Valley hub” (

   According to the La Jolla Light, “The 2.1 billion dollar trolley extension represents a commitment from MTS (Metropolitan Transit System) and the San Diego Association of Governments to serve students, and sixfold MTS’s meager annual operating budget. Now, students have an easy, fast and free ride to all that San Diego has to offer. Students who previously had a hard time venturing farther than the beach or the Westfield UTC mall can now hop on a quick trolley ride to jobs, internships, restaurants and even nightlife” ( 

   The La Jolla Light also reported, “The trolley opens up dozens of new neighborhoods as places to live for students. Now even San Ysidro or Santee are easy car-free rides up to the campus. Perhaps someday the trolley system could even spur development of dense, transit-oriented ‘student villages’ of housing near major stations” (

   “Now, students are soaring over traffic and rolling into our clean transportation future. We know that transit is the future of how to move our communities. Come visit our campus and it’s clear — it is time for the rest of San Diego to experience the same,” said a reporter for the La Jolla Light (

   CBS News reported that the trolley brought about a 27 percent increase in riders in just the nine days after its opening (

   Sophomore Alexandra Olsen said, “I like how they are finally improving the infrastructure of the city. I think it will be beneficial for people who have long commutes or aren’t able to drive.”

   According to CBS News, “An investment in the trolley means an investment in the people of San Diego, who now have an easier time getting where they want to go” (

   The San Diego Union Tribune reported, “MTS released a study Thursday which determined that the long-desired extension trolley to the San Diego International Airport is possible and can be completed within the next decade” (

   San Diego County Supervisor and MTS Board Chair Nathan Fletcher said the trolley would boost tourism and create jobs, while offering additional transportation options to key areas in San Diego (

   Also according to the San Diego Union Tribune, “The trolley extension to San Diego’s airport would, among other things, allow further expansions west to areas such as Point Loma, Liberty Station and beach communities. It will offer the fastest connection between a convention center and an airport in the country” (