UC Centurion Sound Celebrates Silver


University City High’s Centurion Sound pictured with Band Director Brandon Corenman, section staff and Principal Michael Paredes at Ramona High in Riverside, California after perorming their field show titled “Reflection.”

Josh Click, Photo Editor

   The UC High Marching Band, Centurion Sound, was awarded the silver medal at the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association (SCSBOA) Championships in Riverside on November 20.

    Senior Trombonist Elizabeth Endsley said, “Despite competing in a new division this year, we were very successful and constantly improving.”

   Senior Mellophone Soloist Mei Hanaki noted, “We returned stronger than before, with two new classes contributing to an ensemble that made UCHS history, giving renowned bands a run for their money in the new 3A Division.”

   The Centurion Sound was the last to perform in their division at the State Championships. Senior Flutist Jessy Cao said, “By going last, all that the band has to do is make a lasting impression on the judges, one that is more meaningful than  the previous bands have made.”

   “We were lucky to perform last this year, giving us an advantageous position in the cumulative 3A Championships since we were the lasting performance in the judges minds. I was really excited because we’ve been working extremely hard for three months. It is really nice for the seniors to leave with this last victory. Still, the real victory is having created such fantastic bonds with a wonderful group of people,” said Senior Flute Soloist Giulia Panigada.

   Junior Talia Taki said, “I think the band  worked really hard and is going to do big things in the future. With the recent wins I’ve heard of, it sounds like they had a shooting chance at first place and to continue winning into the winter season.”

   Senior Percussionist Alexander Wicklund said, “At our 3A Regional Division Championship competition, we placed second place as a band, second place in our guard, and ninth place in percussion. In a new division against 27 bands, most of which were bigger than ours, that is pretty impressive.”

   Wicklund said, “Looking back, I am pretty happy with our band placement. Although it was a very challenging year, we accomplished a lot and I am happy about that.”

   Ms. Tricia Christensen of Wise-Geek explained marching band competitions: “A marching band field show is a fascinating and exciting thing to watch. When executed properly, the field show combines many moves that place the marching band in different formations, while the band continues to perform music. You might watch a marching band field show during half time of various games, most often football. There are also marching band field show competitions” (wise-geek.com).