Academic League Club Assembles for Upcoming 2022 Season


Josh Click

Senior Zachary Grover pictured with his Academic League Club jacket from a previous season.

Nadia Fadlu-Deen, Staff Writer

   UC High’s Academic League, a club led by AP Computer Science Teacher Phillip Huszar in room 450, is getting ready to start their season.

   “Since shows like Jeopardy have seen huge popularity, the whole idea of quizzing has become popular,” said Huszar. Huszar stated that the school’s Academic League is a great way to show off what students have learned throughout the school year in a fun environment, in comparison to the stress of a traditional classroom.

   Huszar said, “It is a great opportunity for us to participate competitively in an activity that doesn’t require strenuous physical activity.” Huszar explained that Academic League is an activity that can be done passively, but is still exercising a part of the body, the brain.

   According to K12 Academics, “The National Academic League (NAL) is a popular sport in schools around the United States. In participating schools, two coaches and approximately eighteen students compete with other schools in the same district.” The league involves all types of topics that are taught in school and is a great way to show off knowledge (

   Huszar explained that questions asked in Academic League competitions are very broad and random; they can range from topics such as literature and philosophy, to sports and pop culture.

   “There have even been questions where the answer was Batman,” said Huszar. He said that one of Academic League’s best attributes are its team members, a group of different students that come together with their different knowledgeable strengths.

   Huszar said, “[The club] has allowed me the opportunity to see some students in a different environment. Instead of coming to class, sitting down, taking notes and taking tests, we get to see them in more of a natural state and celebrate the strengths that don’t normally get celebrated, and that’s really cool to see.”

   The official website for the National Academic League (NAL) said, “The National Academic League motivates and recognizes academic athletes much like their athletic peers, by combining the important aspects of team sports such as competitiveness, strategy, teamwork, and cooperation, in a group effort with important aspects of learning, such as problem solving, critical thinking, and scholarship.” The website stated that Leagues will be beginning their thirtieth annual season this year (

   “We take great pride in the legacy we have built to motivate and recognize academic athletes across the nation,” the official NAL site stated. The website said that Academic Leagues are a place for all students of all kinds to come together and show off their knowledge in a competitive setting (

   “The Academic League allows me to apply information that I have learned in school in a fun way,” said Junior Erin McGee. McGee explained that the Academic League has helped her learn new things all around, not just trivia. It has also taught her about her classmates who share a common interest with her.

   McGee said,“I had lots of free time last year when we were online. I started doing Academic League as a fun way to pass the time.” McGee said she is grateful to be able to compete in person.

   Senior Faiyaj Ahmed stated that Academic League gives him an opportunity to express knowledge gained in school in a competitive setting. “It gives me an opportunity to compete with others and helps me express myself and gain knowledge while working as a team,” he said.