Olivero Retires With Class of ’21


Cassandra Bristol

Olivero stands with the Welcome sign in the quad.

Cassandra Bristol, Staff Writer

   Principal Jeff Olivero will be retiring from UC High at the end of the 2020-2021 year after eleven years of tenure.

   According to his official retirement letter, Olivero announced that he has stayed true to his word; he will be “…retiring with the graduating Class of 2021.” His last official day as principal will be July 1, 2021 (uchs.sandiegounified.org).

   Regarding his goals at UC High, Olivero said, “I always had the goal for kids to do three things: the first is working hard in school so they have options when they get out of high school, the second is choosing to be around the right people and friends, and the third is to have fun in school. For staff, I always wanted to try to support ways to work very hard with what we do, but to also have fun while doing it.” 

    After attending San Francisco State University and San Diego State University, Olivero started off his educational career as a teacher. “I taught Social Studies and AP U.S. History. [My favorite part] was the relationship with the kids and the energy you get from young minds and trying to help them grow,” said Olivero.

    Olivero spent 36 years in education. “I started coaching up in the Bay Area, then started student teaching at Crawford High School. Then I went to Emerald Middle School, Patrick Henry High School, back to Crawford, then to Serra High School. I started my administrative credential process at De Portola Middle School, then I went to Mira Mesa to be a Vice Principal and later Principal, and after working in administration for a while, I ended up here at UC High,” said Olivero.

   Olivero has always emphasized athletics and extracurriculars. “In high school, I played football…. As a former athlete, I tend to gravitate towards athletic events, but going to the marching band competitions and other performances was equally exciting; just seeing our kids perform and compete (I’m always big on competition) was always exciting.” 

   Looking into his future, Olivero said that his “plan is to not have a plan.” He elaborated, “For 36 years, I’ve always been very goal-oriented, with a checklist of things to accomplish. I’ll start off with not having a checklist and letting whatever is next just find me…. I hope to be volunteering or doing something. I just don’t know what that is yet.”

 On Friday, June 4, the UC High Music Program performed at the stadium, with a special nod to Olivero. Music Director Brandon Corenman said, “I remember we played the Bon Jovi Medley several years ago and Mr. Olivero said after the show that he really enjoyed it. Knowing that, I thought it would be a fitting tribute to bring it back for the final concert of his career.”

    Head Counselor Kelsey Bradshaw said, “I think he has really pushed on working on what’s best for kids. His goal, which he has pushed amongst the staff, is that, even if it makes other people uncomfortable, if it’s best for the kids, that’s what you do.”

   “I think his term ‘soccer rules’ is going to be forever etched into my brain; [he always acknowledged that] nothing is black and white, and you always have to be able to go with the flow of what is happening,” said Bradshaw.

   Vice Principal Alexander Villalobos said, “Mr. O has been a fantastic mentor for me as I moved from middle school to high school administration. He is always reminding us to do what is in the best interest of the students. His legacy will leave the ‘MOJO Rock,’ ‘CLAP IT UP,’ and his never ending support of students.”

   Olivero hopes to travel with his wife during his retirement. He said, “We hope to take advantage of some of the off peak hours and travel costs, and be able to travel at times we can afford.”