UC High Black Student Union Hopes to Combat Racism

Dean Ormsby, Opinions Editor

   The UC High Black Student Union [BSU] is working to raise awareness about racism, as well as fight it head on, even with the challenges that COVID-19 has created. 

   According to President Senior Meti Solomon, “The main goal is to create a community where we celebrate Black culture, lifestyle and history through cultural enrichment by encouraging intellectual growth. We are working to accomplish this by having interactive meetings every week about a variation of topics that educate us about Black culture, lifestyle, and history.

   According to Senior Karina Roddey, “BSU is an important organization for high school students who come from a culturally oppressive background and other student allies to come together and support one another. The organization additionally gives Black students an opportunity to be an important part of the UC High community.”

   “The most important message I hope to spread to both members, as well as allies, of the African American community is to realize freedom should never come across as a privilege; it has no rules or qualifications. Our freedom is here 24/7. It’s just been taken away from us. That is why we are here to justify and take back a vast diverse body of things,” said Vice President Senior Sahar Malik.

   According to Secretary Senior Nae Townsend, “One of our main goals is to make students of color feel included, as well as comfortable and welcome on campus. To accomplish this, we’re bringing awareness to the things students experience, so we can stop them from happening again. 

  According to Malik, “My favorite part of leading the Black Student Union would be [realizing] the relationships between all of our situations growing up as people of color. It’s nice to know we are all able to lend a helping hand and stand up for our African-American community as a group. There is never any awkwardness within our Black Student Union. There is always a significant topic to engage about. Whether it is impactful or not, it matters.”

   “Something important that people need to know is that we hear you, we see you, and we’re doing everything to make everyone feel welcome. BSU is here for everyone, so don’t be afraid to reach out if you need to. We are stronger together than we are apart,” said Townsend.

   “Being able to build a community and getting to know other students and listening to other students is very important to all of us at the Black Student Union,” said Solomon.