UC High Site Governance Team Creates Subcommittee to Review College Classes

Zachary Grover, Staff Writer

   The UC High School Site Governance Team has created a subcommittee to review the community college classes offered at UC High and make recommendations about ways to oversee decisions made regarding these classes.

   English Teacher Jennifer Huszar is the head of the new advisory committee, which also includes English Teachers Susan Bristol, Elizabeth Frohoff, and Aaron Pores. Computer Science Teacher Phillip Huszar and Head Counselor Kelsey Bradshaw are also on the committee.

   Student and parent participation is also encouraged. “A committee was formed in order to gather people’s opinions on why community college courses benefit or harm the programs on campus, and our students’ academic success,” stated Pores. 

   According to Counselor Kimberely George, there are eight community college classes offered at UC High per semester this year, including English, Math, Business and Marketing, Health, and many others.

   One of the goals of the committee is to establish guidelines for the School Site Governance Team to adopt new community college classes. “Right now, we just kind of pick [classes] based on what the colleges are offering. I think we can be more judicious in how we pick them, and if it is already offered on campus we aren’t going to bring in a community college class teaching the exact same thing,” said Jennifer Huszar.

   The second task of the committee is to establish guidelines for professors on campus. “They should know basic rules and procedures of our school,” mentioned Jennifer Huszar. 

   Posting grades where students and parents could see them and being available for select tutoring hours were just two ways Jennifer Huszar thinks professors can have more transparency and benefit students. Jennifer Huszar added, “Right now, some students don’t know if they are passing or failing [until the six week grading period].” 

   The third goal of the committee is to decide which community college classes currently offered at UC High to keep. “I think we should look at the [community college] classes that are offered now, and decide which ones we want to keep,” said Jennifer Huszar. 

   “I think it is worth our while to look at some data and see what classes are really beneficial to students. For example, the Personal Growth class… why is it double-weighted?” stated Pores. 

   Pores added, “Up until now, there have been no rules to follow, and some contentious debates about different courses. Hopefully, this committee will help eliminate some headaches each spring when SSGT takes votes on which courses we offer during articulation.”