UC High Students Swap Signs as Part of Senior Prank

Luke Minnick, Staff Writer

   On the weekend of April 20, a group of unidentified UC High seniors swapped the recently-added signs displayed on pillars around campus, moving the identification signs so that they no longer were placed in front of the building for which they were intended; these included those identifying the media center, auditorium, gymnasium, and front office.

   Principal Jeff Olivero stated, “The pillar signs had to be moved back with new fasteners to ensure their security. The screws that were originally put in were not the correct ones, which allowed these students to execute their prank,” added Olivero.

   The prank has brought up some debate concerning whether the students should receive a punishment, should they be identified. “At the beginning of the year, the senior students signed a Senior Expectations sheet which included a rule that called for no student pranks. If the students were to break this contract, it is stated that it will result in the loss of privileges like Prom and walking at Graduation,” stated Olivero.

   A teacher who wished to remain anonymous said, “I don’t believe the students should get in trouble for the prank. Frankly, I thought it was clever and funny.” The teacher added, “In past years, students have done pranks like steal the Centurion statue from the office and put it on the roof with a beer in its hand or take up all the spots in the parking lot. So on the totem pole of pranks, I’d say this was one of the most harmless.”

   Senior Colin Ruthenburg stated, “I don’t believe these students should be punished for their actions, because it was not destructive and [it was] funny.”

   Olivero added, “In the case in which there seems to be no vandalism, it might just be noted as a funny high school prank.” A student who wishes to remain anonymous stated, “I believe the prank was very funny, creative and well executed. Also, the prank was extremely harmless per Mr. Olivero’s request.”

   Junior Tyler Billings said, “I was very confused and I walked up to the gym thinking it was the auditorium not realizing till I walked in.”

   “I believe this prank actually had a positive effect because every student found it comical and it might have dissuaded other seniors from carrying out more dangerous or vandalous pranks,” added the student who wished to remain anonymous.

   A second teacher who wished to remain anonymous stated, “I think the prank was dumb, because barely anyone noticed and it wasn’t a very big prank that got the school talking.” Several other students noted not noticing the prank but hearing about it, while some even said they hadn’t even heard about it.

   The signs have since been moved back to their original locations with no noticeable physical damage.