Music Club Ends the Year With Beatles Tribute Show

Leila Garrett, Staff Writer

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   On Friday, May 17, the UC High Music Club performed an all-Beatles set in the school’s auditorium as their final show for the year. The performance took place at 6 pm and included every member of the club; with musicians swapping out after every song.

   The original location of the show had to be changed due to scheduling conflicts. According to Music Club’s Vice President Conner Platt, “The show was held in the auditorium, not Fast Times, because [it was] actually very booked until November; so it would be hard to get a show. We also needed a bigger stage since more people were performing at once in some of the songs we played.”

   Music Club President Max Meeder said, “The purpose of rotating musicians was to give each person a chance to play with someone new and feel that different group dynamic; and hear that different dynamic play out in the music.”

   “I chose the Beatles because their music inspired everything in modern day music. They are the catalyst for present creativity and I thought that would be a good message to put across in our first show,” stated Meeder.

   “All of the songs were chosen from all the albums released by The Beatles — we put all the songs in order of release on the set list. We played songs from their earlier albums first, and as we went through the set, we played songs from later years to show the history of The Beatles,” stated Platt.

   “We did have to change the setlist because we were not able to get through all the songs on the setlist during the show,” said Platt. Meeder stated that time restraints and inability to play all instruments for more orchestral songs were the main factors that determined which songs made the set.

   Club Member Junior Sarah Catubo stated, “We rehearsed after school on Fridays, and when the date came closer we rehearsed after school nearly everyday. We tried to get through all the songs on the original setlist but it was four hours long, so it could have used some trimming anyway.”

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