Jewish Student Union Club Stimulates Real World Conversation

Madeline Williams, Staff Writer

   The Jewish Student Union Club (JSU) holds meetings on Tuesdays in room 226 at which time students have discussions with a Rabbi about life experiences and Judaism.

  Co-President of JSU Junior Shayna Meltzer said, “Every week, a Rabbi from the orthodox Jewish community visits. We all pick a topic to discuss — our topics often focuses on psychological and physiological beliefs and ideals.”

   JSU is an outlet for people of any faith to talk about current issues and how it relates back to religion, according to President of JSU Senior Shayna Farajzadeh. She explained, “JSU is a way for everyone to get together and talk about important topics. JSU means a lot, because it allows students to learn about our society and how it affects us.” She explained that it is also a way for students to have a new understanding about global issues.

   JSU Member Senior Max Meeder said, “I believe this club is an important way to learn about life lessons and society, but it is also a way to learn about how Judaism is a significant religion.” Meeder explained that it is a way for him to hang out at lunch and talk about deeper topics that lead to a better understanding of his religion.      

   According to Meltzer, “It is also an opportunity for people that are not Jewish to interact and learn about current subjects.” Meltzer explained that she loves seeing everyone participate during discussions and having everyone interested in a variety of topics.   

   The Rabbi of JSU, Mr. Jacob Rupp, advocates the importance of having a connection and opinion on every topic to keep all students interested and educated. Rupp revealed that he uses a method he likes to call “remind and announcement” to keep the students interested. The purpose of this method is to inform the students on the topic at hand as well as keeping the students in the conversations by asking questions to make them think in other ways.

   Rupp added that it is essential to have fascinating and current subjects for discussion. “During our meetings, I strive to pick topics based on what people seem to be interested in, what is going on in the world, what interests me, and something related to Judaism,” said Rupp.

   Rupp explained that he loves being a part of this club, because he enjoys seeing students participate in mature situations and respect each other’s beliefs and opinions. He also likes seeing students be passionate and inspired by the discussions.

   “My favorite thing about this club is going back and forth with the Rabbi. I am not extremely religious, so I find it intriguing to listen to everyone’s point of views,” said Meeder.

   Farajzadeh explained, “I am proud that I’m a part of this club, because I loving seeing everyone interested and captivated by the conversations as well as learning new things in a new light,  which I would never have thought of before.”