Faith Club Renovates School Garden, Promotes Mental Health

Mara Mercado, Staff Writer

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   UC High’s Faith Club offers a space for students to freely discuss their thoughts and views on religion with each other and guest speakers.

   “Faith Club is a club where anyone religious or not can come talk about faith and hear a message about God and love,” explained Sophomore Mudia Mowoe. “While Faith Club is composed of primarily Christians, they welcome people of all faiths,” said Sophomore Mikaela Harvey.

   According to Sophomore Alyssa Dunley, Faith Club meetings consist of a religious leader (usually a pastor) talking to the club about what faith really means,  how to act in God’s word, and other spiritual and religious discussions. “At Faith Club meetings we talk about important messages that help us in everyday situations,” Dunley added.

   Recently, Faith Club teamed up with Sustainability Club to remodel the school garden. “We collaborated with the Sustainability Club in order to get more people to help out, and because they probably knew how to beautify the garden better than us,” said Harvey.

   “The garden project was an analogy for what is going on inside of our heads. So, basically, we remembered that our school had a garden that no one really went to because of how raggedy and shady it looked, but we decided to give it a makeover — sort of like how we’d give our mental health a new perspective. We cleaned out the old bad toxic stuff that was eroding our minds. Step two is to remodel everything and make it a welcoming and warm place,” said Mowoe.

   “The garden project has been super fun to participate in. I’ve spent quality time with close friends while rebuilding a place that will help clear people’s minds,” said Dunley.

   “I joined Faith Club, because I wanted to get involved with my faith more at school. Faith Club helps me because there’s a lot of friendly people there, and I get to stay connected to God,” said Harvey.

   “Faith Club has allowed me to grow connections with and meet tons of new people every week as well as helped me with public speaking and growing general social skills,” Mowoe said.

   According to Harvey, Faith Club meets every Tuesday at lunch in Ms. Schmitten’s room 448.

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