Upcoming Events to Bring Seniors Memorable Moments

Luke Minnick, Staff Writer

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   As graduation quickly approaches, the UC High PTSA, ASB and UC High staff members will be organizing events such as Disney Gradnite, the Senior Grad Nite Party, and Senior Week to ensure that the Senior Class of 2019 enjoys their final weeks of high school.

   According to the UC High website, UC High seniors’ actual last day of school is June 6 but they will have activities in which to participate through their last five days (sandiegounified.org).

   UC High’s Disney Gradnite is a  school-sponsored event that will take place on June 8 at Disneyland Resort, Anaheim. Students will depart from the campus at 12:30 p.m. and will stay at the park from 3 p.m. to 2 a.m.

   According to Disney Trip Coordinator Maureen Quenssenberry, this year’s students will be receiving “Park-Hoppers” which will allow them to go into both Disney’s California Adventure and Disneyland Park. Senior Caleb Blevins stated, “I’m so happy we have park hoppers, because we have way more rides to go on and have a better chance of avoiding those super long lines.”                            

   During Disney Gradnite, students will be able to stay in California Adventure for hours and experience the park line and crowd-free. Senior Colin Ruthenburg stated, “It’s super cool that we will be able to stay in the park past midnight and get the full experience.”

   The students also may be able to experience the new “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” attraction land in the North-West corner of the park. The section will open May 31 and feature new Star Wars-themed rides, attractions, and restaurants. For the first month of the opening, the section will require a separate no-cost reservation. So, if students want to go in, they must reserve a spot after May 31.

   Blevins added, “I’m most excited to be able to spend a whole night at Disneyland with my friends, especially since we will be [graduating and heading off to college] soon.”

   UC High’s senior Graduation Ceremony is on June 13 and that night, the school hosts a “Grad Nite Party” in the gym. The theme of the Grad Nite has consistently been “A Night in Rome” which includes columns in the front of the school and vine-filled walls inside, that fit the decor. According to Vice President of Programs Kelsey Feinstein, “The night’s purpose is for the seniors to reminisce on their high school career.”

   The event showcases a photo wall and signature banner as memorabilia for the seniors and will be given to the Senior President Aila Huxford to hold onto until the ten-year reunion. The students are locked in the gym overnight from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. PTSA also organizes fun group activities and games for the seniors to pass the time.

     This year’s party will include casino tables, a DJ, board games, dancing video games, giant jenga, tricycle races, a photo booth, and a wrecking ball. They will also provide a “crash room” for students who are tired and want to lay down. “PTSA will have raffles throughout the night giving out 25-30 prizes and a grand prize at the very end of the night,” stated Feinstein.

   Senior Ashlyn Clint stated, “It will be a good time to remember the fun I had with my friends over the past four years.”

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