Red Cross Club Strives to Improve Community Through Service


courtesy of Jessica Foreman-Legarde

Junior Max Lopez, Sophomore Aida Soltanian, Junior Owen Megura, Sophomore Alice Khalil, Sophomore Shira Ron, Junior Jaden Doll, Junior Erica Marcelino, Junior David Melendez, Freshman Joahanna Verhyaden, Junior Alex Quynh, Freshman Katie Nguyen, Freshman Kyrsten Guzman, Freshman Sarala Perera, Junior Evan Newman, Junior Venna Rasasack, Junior Jasmine Bosnyat, Junior Lorelie Gonzalez, Freshman Raena Parangat, Junior Hannah Parangat, and Junior Hope Concepcion (left to right, top to bottom) volunteer at Ford Motor Company Fund.

Samantha Soto, Staff Writer

   The UC High Red Cross Club is a non-profit organization with members that frequently volunteer at different events for the sole purpose of helping others and improving the community.

     The youth who participate in Red Cross are given opportunities to grow as people and learn different life skills, according to their website. According to the Red Cross Youth website, “A Red Cross Club provides you and your peers opportunities to make a meaningful impact in your community by addressing its greatest needs, and develop leadership skills.”  Red Cross allows youth members to learn about difficult life situations and how to handle them (

     The Red Cross Club assists the community in different ways. Junior Benjamin Velasquez stated, “From people who are being hit by a natural disaster to veterans who are living on the streets, Red Cross helps by collecting donations of things that people need and also by sending volunteers to aid in the situation.”

   Velasquez continued, “There are many people who need aid in our city and community so by being a part of Red Cross you are able to help those people by providing relief.”

     Members learn skills that could, in the case of a disaster, may save someone’s life. Junior Samantha Wright said, “We also learn information, such as disaster preparedness and CPR, which are both optional, so we can help the people around us.”

   Wright added, “We help communities that are in need. For example, we do an event called ‘Sound the Alarm’ where we install fire alarms in neighborhoods that need assistance for free.”

    While the club volunteers at different events, they also have their ways of having fun. “Members can go to overnight camps for leadership training and earn many volunteer hours. They also have really fun team bonding events and sometimes offer food at the meetings,” Wright explained.  Velasquez added, “You can gain volunteer hours which are beneficial for college.”

   Red Cross provides its members with hands-on first aid experience. Junior Hannah Parangat explained, “The Red Cross is unlike any other club, as our members can experience what it is like to be involved firsthand in the support of those affected…. Students can get certified in many areas, from CPR to child care to first aid.”

    Parangat said, “Not only does the club empower students and their peers to make a difference in their community, but it also trains members at school how to react during times of distress.”

  The club members can meet with others and learn to discuss business matters and how to manage a team. According to Red Cross Club Advisor Elizabeth Frohoff, “Students have to learn communication skills in order to adaptly participate and discuss things with business leaders, school officials, and members of the community.”

   While helping others, members also have the chance to feel better about themselves and what they do for their community. Velasquez stated, “There are many things youth members can gain from this club, such as knowing that you are helping many people who are struggling with a tough situation they have been put in. You learn the importance of giving not just donations but your time as well.”

   “The Red Cross allows students to feel good knowing that their efforts will directly benefit those in need,” Parangat added. “The involvement of our youth volunteers has a huge impact on the lives of many.”