Recent Budget Cuts Impact UC High Child Development Program

Dillon Carr, Staff Writer

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   Lower enrollment at UC High means that there has been a cut in funding to the Child Development Program, which may leave some juniors who are currently enrolled in the class without the option to take the class in their senior year.

   According to Counselor Kelsey Bradshaw, the reason for getting rid of a block of Child Development is due to the lack of students enrolling at UC High next year. Fewer students means fewer dollars given to the school’s budget.

   “As far as I know, the building of the new facility has nothing to do with whatever budget cuts we are facing here,” said Child Development Program Director Antonina Salemi.

   “There was an application — a grant application — that was written and filled out by me, for Prop 51, which would fund our modernization of our facility,” Salemi clarified.  Unforetunately, the grant was not funded, but site modernization funds will pay for the renovations.

   “What I’ve been told is that, next year, I will most likely only have one block of Child Development — either periods one and two or periods three and four,” said Salemi.

   “The issue is that if there is only one block being offered to thirty-six students. If there is not enough room, some students might not be able to participate, because they have already completed the pathway,” said Salemi.

  “In order for students to take Child Development, they have to have first completed the foundational course, which is human physiology and family sociology,” said Salemi.

   “For students who have already begun that pathway and who’ve already taken and completed the foundational course, I have not had anyone come to me yet and say that they have been denied participation in the class. As far as I know, that’s not the case,” said Salemi.

  “The only complaints I’ve had are from second year students who technically don’t need to take the class again, because they are already considered completers of the pathway,” said Salemi

     “Next year, I’m going to have to redesign my entire schedule,” said Junior Orlena Morris.

   “Previously, second year students were able to take the course, so it irritates me that I may not have the same opportunity,” explained Morris.

   “These are students who really want to take the course again, because they are passionate about Child Development. They feel that this is their niche and feel like this is something that they really want to go into. They want to be able to gain more experience in the field,” said Salemi.

   This issue should only affect students in the Child Development Program for one school year. The following year, there should be two blocks of Child Development again, according to Bradshaw.

   “The [new] Child Development facility is going to be built and remodeled in the summer,” added Salemi.

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