Miscommunication Causes Misprint

Dillon Carr, Staff Writer

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   The new sign which displays a map of the UC High campus, in front of the office, must be replaced due to inaccuracies, after some miscommunication with the printing company.

   “[The printing company] never checked with us on the accuracy of it,” explained Principal Jeff Olivero.

   According to Plant Operations Manager Mark Harrington, one of the problems with the newly implemented sign had to do with the 500 building that we do not have. In the map legend, different building numbers were labeled with the departments that they are correlated with underneath. Underneath the 500 building were question marks. However, this was not the only apparent problem with the sign. Harrington went on to explain that some of the bungalows had been left unidentified and some of the bungalows — B1 to B5 — were not color coded.

   Senior Aoife Fitzpatrick stated, “I thought the map near the office was really cool. However, I did notice that some of the colors were off and the question marks by the ‘500 building’ were a bit confusing.”

   According to Harrington, the problem has been fixed. “There’s one that has been fixed, shipped, remade and it’s supposed to be on the way,” said Harrington.

   “From what I understand, the lady that is in charge of the sign, or making those signs, never submitted an official request or approval of what the sign was going to look like at the end before they built it,” explained Harrington.

   “Since no one ever got to check all the [details of the] sign, the sign was made and sent to us with all of the problems with it,” Harrington explained.

   Olivero explained, “When we saw it, it was nice looking, but it was inaccurate.” He continued, “We notified them. They are supposed to do all of this signage as part of the modernization that is happening.”

  “They are supposed to be doing new signage all over the quad. I keep asking when it is coming,” said Olivero.

  “A couple of the pillers have been striped. There are supposed to be rapps that go around those, that are going to have florescent colors on them,” explained Olivero.

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