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Reinvigorated Engineering Pathway Develops Minds, Technical Skills

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Reinvigorated Engineering Pathway Develops Minds, Technical Skills

Sophia Lewis-Mussa

Sophia Lewis-Mussa

Sophia Lewis-Mussa

Sophia Lewis-Mussa

Mina Orlic and Kayli Sandoval, Editors-in-Chief

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   After three years of annual staffing changes, the UC High Engineering Pathway has been restructured to focus on the principles of engineering, teamwork, and hands-on experience.

   Engineering Teacher Brandon Tarrac stated, “This class is primarily based around computer integrated manufacturing. However, we also learn about 3D modeling and how to program automated vehicles.”

   He added, “We did take a little bit of extra time to make sure that we revisited some of those skills learned in previous years, so that everyone was at least at a good level to take on some of the projects that we do.”

   Junior Yusra Alkuzweny explained the differences from last year’s class, “This year, we’re going out into the workshop more and we get to use the power tools.” Senior Max Arthur said, “We work in the workshop probably about 75 percent of the time.”

   Tarrac explained, “There is a substantial amount of time spent actually doing hands-on projects. But to do that, we first need to know some of the concepts and math that allow us to work more efficiently.”

   Freshman Amadu Tadesse stated, “We [the freshman class] are learning the basics of engineering and how those mechanics can help us find jobs and succeed in the pathway.”

   “We’re putting what we’ve learned to the test. Most of our assignments require us to work in the back room [workshop area],” added Junior Nate Frazer. “The projects are much more challenging and hands-on,” explained Junior Sierra Barth.

   Alkuzweny said, “We use VEX Robotics tools, which are basically metal pieces and a little circuit that you can program. We also use programming with ROBOTC.”

   Tarrac stated, “[The class is] primarily group-project based. Most of the projects that they do here are in collaborative teams. However, there are some opportunities for individualized projects as well.” He added, “It’s hard to find a job in any engineering industry where you’re not working in a team. By working together and having problems actually occur and finding out how to fix those problems together is a really valuable skill. These skills are relevant to the engineering pathway as a whole and help students succeed in each of the three courses offered here at UC High.”

  Alkuzweny explained, “We’re working on a marble sorter that sorts marbles based on materials.” Junior Ben Kennedy said, “Right now, we are working on a recycling system where we have to separate three different types of marbles. We have glass marbles, metal marbles, and wooden marbles.” According to Kennedy, they came up with the plans themselves and then they built the system.

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Reinvigorated Engineering Pathway Develops Minds, Technical Skills