Work Permits Available in Front Office


Luke Minnick

Work permits are required for minors who wish to obtain jobs.

Inigo Lintag, News Editor

   Students at UC High, who are under the age of eighteen, can now begin to apply for work permits in room 424 or the attendance office, which is moved from the Media Center back to the front of the school.

   According to High School Registrar Johana Chavez, “Students are required to come by and pick up a blank form, which they then need to take to the employer.”

   According to School Clerk Rosa Peñamoya, “Students would first have to have a job, then students can request a temporary work permit here at the attendance office, with School Clerk Norma Smith, or with the registrar.”

   “The student has to get the work permit filled out with their basic information: their name, their address, their phone number, their employer information, where they work, the address of where they work, when they were hired, their wage, and their insurance information,” explained Peñamoya.

   “It has to be signed by their boss or their supervisor and then they have to have a parent or guardian sign. Then, there is a section for personal information, such as social security number, date of birth, place of birth, and after everything is filled out, they bring it to the attendance office or the registrar and they get it signed off,” Peñamoya continued.

   According to Peñamoya, “We verify that all the information in there is correct; we verify that the address that they put on the work permit is the address we have, we verify the age, we verify their social security number, and if everything is in line, we sign the work permit.”

   According to Chavez, “[We] send one copy of it to the district and [we give the students] a temporary copy that they take to their employer. They can work with that copy for thirty days.”

   “Their actual work permit gets sent from the district to the employer two or three weeks after [the student] turns it in to the school,” Peñamoya clarified.

   “Students need to have at least a 2.0 GPA to be able to have a work permit. The amount of hours that a student will be able to work depends on age. Once he or she hits eighteen, if still in school, he or she does not need a work permit,” explained Chavez.

   Students who attend UC High and have a high enough GPA can use work permits to obtain jobs to begin earning money while still in school. According to Senior Andrew Bayot, “Getting a work permit would really help me, because it would allow me to get a job even though I’m a minor and getting a job would be really nice because I want money.”