UC High Music Club Assembles Talented Performers

Julie Whitehill, Staff Writer

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   The UC High Music Club is a fairly new club on campus, mainly focused around playing, recording and producing music.

   According to Club Advisor Sanjeev Date, the club features UC High students such as Senior President Max Meeder, Junior Vice President Mica Giaconi, and Senior Secretary Tom Littleford.

  “Music Club was created to unite nearby instrumentalists. As someone who loves music, [I think] it’s always important to have a solid music community. This is especially true during high school. This club is a great way for people to meet and work together,” explained Giaconi.

  Date stated, “The program was formed to bring together musicians attending UC High who want to play something that is inspiring, unordinary, and different from the norm.”

   According to Meeder, “We’ve been practicing a lot. We’re learning new songs every rehearsal. So hopefully we can show off all our progress at some point.”

    “One of their main upcoming objectives is to pull together a show in the auditorium,” Date explained.

   “Our goals are to prepare shows featuring all of the club members, and to push towards booking future gigs. We hope to eventually prepare some type of a show or performance for the musicians and students at UC High, but our main intent is always to connect local musicians together,” added Giaconi.

   Giaconi stated, “As a singer, I know the struggle of finding others in my community who want to collaborate and perform together. This club allows people to make those important, and possibly life-long, connections.”

  “This club creates relationships between people of similar musical interests and forms a friendly community,” added Date.

  According to Meeder, “The club members are people who want to play music and do not find what they’re looking for in the school programs that are offered to them. This way, we can play what we most desire to play. An overarching goal of ours is to be able to expose people’s talent and musical knowledge to the masses.”

    The UC High Music Club is also looking to recruit new members. “If anyone wants to join, all they have to do is show up to a meeting and give Meeder, Giaconi or Littleford their information so then they can be put in groups and start playing,” explained Date.

   “Music Club meets after school on Fridays in Room B11 and all genres and styles of musicians are welcome to join Music Club,” Date added. The music club members can usually be found creating music for themselves and others to enjoy.

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