Holiday World Fair To Help Clubs Raise Funds

Josie Krupens, Staff Writer

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   UC High Clubs will get the opportunity to fundraise by selling food or drinks at the ASB-sponsored Holiday World Fair, on December 21 in the quad.

   According to ASB Advisor Donna Fallon, the fundraising at the Holiday World Fair will give all clubs and sports teams a chance to support any activities that they undertake.

   This event also gives the clubs an opportunity to recruit new members. According to ASB Student Life Cabinet Member Caleb Blevins, “The fair is also a good opportunity for students to discover new clubs.”

    ASB Student Life Cabinet Member Meredith Olney stated, “Clubs can raise money by selling food items. Students can buy tickets which they can use to buy the food items.”

   “An extended lunch period will be provided for the event as usual,” Olney explained. “People will pay money to their English teacher to buy tickets, which will be the currency used to purchase the food items.”

   According to ASB Student Life Cabinet Member Ashley McConnell, “Each club has to sell a different thing than the others. It’s unique, you can get pretty much anything.”

   “We’ll have Krispy Kreme, and then we’ll have people bring things like lumpia,” added Olney. “The fair is also a way to embrace different cultures. There’s lots of different types of food, and there will be performances from UC High’s dance clubs.”

     According to Fallon, “There are 108 clubs on campus, and usually about 40 participate in the fair. The clubs provide what they’re going to sell, and then they take a spot in the quad and sell it. The money from the tickets they receive goes into the club’s account.”

   ASB has also developed methods to avoid counterfeit tickets. According to Olney, “We have customized tickets, so you can’t just go to the dollar store and buy a big roll.”

    This event is open to all clubs and all are encouraged to participate. “The clubs can just submit a form and most of them can get approved,” explained Olney.

   “It’s a good way to get funding, and it’s not hard,” Olney continued.

   Fallon added, “The fair is a way to celebrate Winter Break, as the event will take place the week before the break starts.”

  This fair is a separate event from the Multicultural Fair. “We also have the Multicultural Fair, which is in spring,” Olney added.  “The Multicultural Fair will have a similar purpose to the Holiday World Fair.”

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