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Standley Eighth Graders to Visit UC High and “Unlock the Genius”

Inigo Lintag, Staff Writer

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   Eighth graders from Standley Middle School visited UC High last Thursday to participate in an event called “Unlocking the Genius.”

According to Vice Principal Michael Paredes, the day started when the ROTC escorted the eighth graders from Standley Middle School to UC High.

“The JROTC’s goal was to help the eighth graders get from ‘Point A to Point B.’ The JROTC’s job was to make sure that kids stayed on the sidewalk, didn’t get out of line, and didn’t get hurt, and to help us move the masses,” added Principal Jeff Olivero.

“The eighth graders came down to the campus for an all-day event called Unlocking the Genius, and they went to workshops in their groups, and learned a little bit about the school, as well as some of their strengths as students and some of their interests, in the hopes that it would prepare them for their high school experience,” said Paredes.

“The students took a survey that indicated their strengths as individuals prior to coming to the campus. When they came to UC High, they were able to see their results,” added Olivero.

According to Olivero, there were two motives for this event. The first one was the desire of the district to get kids to start thinking about what their own personal interests might be career-wise as well as recognising and unlocking their own geniuses, i.e. what they’re good at.

“As young people we don’t all know what we tend to be better at. Those things may not be apparent when you go to a biology class or an algebra class, but that’s not really who you are, those are just subjects,” added Olivero.

“The second motive was exposing them to our school, what we have to offer, and how they can see themselves potentially here. We here at UC High strongly believe that we don’t want kids to have just a period one to six experience. We want kids connecting with their schools. We believe that friendships and the camaraderie around those friendships could make the overall experience of high school that much more enjoyable and interesting,” explained Olivero.

According to Paredes, the students arrived on campus at eight thirty in the morning and were put in about ten groups of approximately thirty students. They went to different workshops on a rotational basis. The workshops included: a tour of the school hosted by the staff, going over the results of their interest survey, A-G graduation requirements and information from the counselors, and information about the pathways and some of the special programs available at UC High. At the end of the day, the eighth graders were treated to a showcase.

“The showcase was the highlight of the day. The showcase happened in the gym. The eighth graders experienced performances from dance crews such as DDC and All Female and All Male, as well as a pep rally. The showcase took 50 minutes altogether. About 20 or 30 minutes was used to show all the performances and the rest of the time was designated for the students to browse through the club booths and the sports groups,” explained ASB member Mary Kim.

According to Paredes, the students left at two o’clock, escorted again by the JROTC.


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The news site of University City High School
Standley Eighth Graders to Visit UC High and “Unlock the Genius”