Top Ten: 2023 Best Picture Nominees

Gustavo Damian Danemann Soto, Editor-In-Chief

   With the Oscars set to air this Sunday, there’s no better time to look back on the many films that brought audiences together this past year. This crop of Best Picture contenders does not disappoint in illustrating the many facets of 2022 pop culture. Here are all of the top category’s nominees ranked.

10.) Triangle of Sadness – Last year’s Palme d’Or winner Triangle of Sadness remains another safe attempt at cashing in on the trend of eat-the-rich satire. Though far from Director Ruben Östlund’s most risk-taking work, the film is glued together by Actors Dolly de Leon, Harris Dickinson, and Charlbi Dean.

9.) Elvis – Perhaps the first time Director Baz Luhrmann’s maximalist style has managed to execute a cohesive vision, the popular biopic about the life of Singer Elvis Presley has several magical sequences to compensate for its exhausting conventions.

8.) Top Gun: Maverick – One of the most beloved titles in the lineup, the Tom Cruise-led picture falls victim to many Hollywood traditions, even as it soars higher than its predecessor. Though heavily relying on nostalgia, this box office hit manages to create engaging new storylines.

7.) Avatar: The Way of Water – With a runtime of over three hours, Director James Cameron’s long-awaited continuation to the highest-grossing film of all time is a grand, if overlong epic. In spite of its notable dependence on VFX, the blockbuster has jaw-dropping moments to spare.

6.) All Quiet on the Western Front – The Oscars’ latest bellic obsession may reiterate ideas first presented in more inventive war projects, but its most harrowing moments leave a lasting impression on all who watch. With excellent sound design and memorable cinematography, All Quiet masterfully presents the devastation and emotional toll of World War I.

5.) The Banshees of Inisherin – Beautifully capturing the landscapes of the Irish coast, this dark comedy’s rich imagery is complemented by its exceptional writing. Completely unpredictable from beginning to end, the film has unsurprisingly received nine nominations, as per IMDb (

4.) Women Talking – This book adaptation builds up towering, moving momentum through its meditative screenplay, tender score, and powerful ensemble. Striking timely conversations in a refreshing, oftentimes lighthearted fashion, Women Talking poetically honors the strength found within a community of bruised women.

3.) The Fabelmans – Director Steven Spielberg’s reflections on his parents’ divorce allow the movie to transcend autobiographical tropes. By focusing on film’s ability to curate what memories to share and guard, Spielberg creates an emotionally poignant crowd-pleaser.

2.) Everything Everywhere All at Once – Perhaps the greatest thing about the singular Everything Everywhere All at Once is its universal resonance; no matter what kind of movie you go in hoping for, expectations will be shattered. There’s something for everyone, every frame reminding us of why we come to the movies.

1.) TÁR – To intelligently analyze the nuances that enable both abuses of power and manipulations of truth without patronizing audiences seems like a near- impossible tightrope to walk on. Director Todd Field, however, challenges such notions and beyond with every frame of TÁR, in large part thanks to Actress Cate Blanchett’s towering performance.