Review: Drugs Meet Nature in Hilarious Cocaine Bear

Jisang Yoo, News Editor

Notice: In no way does UC High or the journalism staff endorse the use of drugs.

Nothing is more ridiculous than a cocaine-induced grizzly bear going on a violent rampage fueled by its desire for more of the dangerous white powder. Set in Chattahoochee Oconee National Forest in 1985, the recently released Cocaine Bear is loosely based on a true story, incorporating distinct characters into a blood-soaked comedy.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, Cocaine Bear tells the story of a 500-pound bear in a Georgia Forest that consumes an immense amount of cocaine lost by Drug Smuggler Andrew C. Thornton after he was knocked unconscious after parachuting out of a plane with the drugs. After eating the cocaine, the bear then goes berserk trying to find more, targeting people who smell of cocaine and defying its own physical and mental limits. Consequently, groups of cops, criminals, tourists, and teens dealing with their own problems inconveniently end up being the bear’s targets, having to utilize their survival instincts to escape the apex predator’s domain (rottentomatoes. com).

Comically speaking, the movie most definitely delivers. Each character’s distinct personality creates humorous situations and empathetic moments. Likewise, the ridiculousness of a “bear on cocaine” makes the film entertaining to watch with friends and family. Junior James Hazle said, “Cocaine Bear was a masterpiece. The bear eating the cocaine was so absurd but comedic at the same time.” He added, “I really enjoyed the movie; it emphasizes the dangers of drugs and bears in a silly way, making it a perfect thriller/action film.”

   The magnitude of the violence was robust but perfectly fitting. Similar to the Deadpool movie series, the use of gore and blood is gruesome but highly necessary, signifying the intensity of the bear’s incomprehensible violence and compelling the audience to be alert when the bear appears back on the screen to maul any obstacles in its way. “I think the violence was a bit gnarly, which made the movie seem unrealistic,” said Junior Ryan Khalil.

At the box office, the film sniffed up 23 million dollars domestically in its opening weekend, blowing past initial expectations while also adding 5.3 million dollars internationally, according to Variety magazine. It had a budget of approximately 35 million dollars, and looks to be a surprise hit, similar to M3GAN, which made 170 million globally globally (

Although hindered some by a messy story, Cocaine Bear begs to be a constant subject of conversation, offering great contrast to the usual superhero films. Furthermore, its amalgamation of comedy and violence makes it a worthwhile movie for its laughs and giggles alone. The mere uttering of the title is enough to evoke the insanity one will witness once inside the theater.