Top 10 Last Minute Gifts

Jade Wood, Staff Writer

   With the holiday season in full swing, those who participate in festive shopping may not have the time or funds to come up with elaborate presents to give to loved ones. However, the holidays are still supposed to be a memorable time, and gifts should be meaningful. If on a tight schedule or unsure what to gift a friend, be sure to consider the following ten great last-minute gifts.

10.) Cologne/Perfume – Who doesn’t love the opportunity to smell delectable? Festivities are the perfect time to gift a fragrance, especially one hinted with aromatic holiday scents. Fragrances are very versatile, and do not have to break the bank.

9.) Fuzzy socks – Even though gifting socks may initially seem simplistic, fuzzy socks are loved amongst all. What can beat this great accessory on a cold winter day? They are perfect for movie nights, wearing out, or simply donning while snuggling up at home.

8.) Blanket – With temperatures dropping considerably and cool winds making rounds, a blanket is the perfect way to keep warm when it gets too cold for a simple sweater. Blankets are the perfect affordable gift that everyone will be sure to enjoy regardless of location.

7.) Snack baskets – Food might be one of the easiest things to gift someone, but that does not undermine the joy of receiving it. Grab your person’s favorite chips, candy, and drink, plus a cute basket and some confetti paper. Assemble, and boom: a cute, inexpensive gift that is impossible to dislike.

6.) Custom picture frame – If looking for a more sentimental gift, a custom picture frame might be the way to go. Include a beautiful picture showing a meaningful moment with your friend, family member, or significant other. It’s a thoughtful way to show appreciation while staying within budget.

5.) Jewelry – The classic necklace or ring is perfect for anyone looking to jazz up their gift receiver’s jewelry collection with something that will remind them of you. Jewelry ranges in price and can have great sentimental value, given that this present can be worn everyday.

4.) Coffee gift card – A daily coffee run is sure to blow through a paycheck quickly, making a simple gift card to your loved one’s favorite coffee shop a much-appreciated choice. Not only is this an easy item to purchase, you can never go wrong with a gift card, as one gets to choose how to spend it.

3.) Key chain – Keys are too important to get lost, and a trusty keychain can help prevent such a travesty from taking place. A cute keychain is sure to brighten up anyone’s day, and makes finding keys much easier on a rushed and stressed morning. In addition, key chains can be customized to one’s liking, making it a perfect personalized gift.

2.) Massage gun – Say goodbye to masseuse and chiropractor visits! Perfect for athletes or anyone experiencing sore limbs, massage guns allow for the ideal relaxing session to happen in the comfort of your own home. Plus, massage guns will definitely be appreciated with the winter bringing in body aches aplenty.

1.) Netflix subscription – A membership for a streaming platform that holds an endless amount of fan-favorite television shows and movies (not to mention a consistently updated catalog) is the perfect gift for anyone looking forward to winter season binge-watches. Plus, enjoying this present does not require leaving the bed! A subscription will surely be appreciated when it’s too cold to step outside of the house.