Top Ten Reasons Why Fall Dominates All

Sevilla Tovar, Editor-In-Chief

   School is back in session! The shift from summer vacation to the school year has left many feeling reminiscent about the past couple of months. But fear not! Although fall may look mundane in summer’s shadow, it can be equally, if not even more, enjoyable than the previous season. Quit mourning the summer of 2022 and take a look at this list of top 10 reasons why fall may be the best season of them all.

10.) Candles – Now that it’s cold enough to permit doing so, lighting a scented candle improves the ambience of a room exponentially. Having candles burning makes the most dull activities tolerable. Relax, sit back, and appreciate that fragrant melting wax.

9.) Binging television – In the past couple of years, watching television series has become a favorite pastime for many. While people enjoy television year-round, The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the amount of television people watch in the United States increases throughout the fall months (

8.) Thanksgiving Break – Thanksgiving Break is a keystone part of the fall that’s often overlooked. It’s the first real break of the school year, where family and friends alike can spend time together around one of the best creations of all time: food. Whether your break is spent enjoying Thanksgiving dinner or being at the mall on Black Friday, the endless possibilities of this free week make fall that much better.

7.) Social events – With summer vacation over, friends are finally able to make plans. Say goodbye to the plague of “Sorry, I’m going to be out of town :(” texts and get ready to make some memories, as fall brings a wide variety of opportunities to hang out with friends.

6.) Getting to bring out blankets – It’s Southern California and less than 70 degrees. It’s finally time to sleep with actual blankets. Getting to cozy up is an experience exclusive to the later months of the year, and no one should take it for granted.

5.) Cooler weather – Sometimes summer being over is a good thing. As time progresses throughout fall, it starts to get colder and sometimes the weather diverts from sunny. Junior Allison Turley said, “I love fall because of how the weather changes. It’s like there’s something in the air. After summer ends, it begins to cool, but that enjoyable warm feeling lingers.”

4.) Football season – Regardless of your passion for the sport, we can all agree that football season brings a very special atmosphere to school. Football games are crucial to high school culture. Late nights under bright lights, chatting with friends and yelling at a referee’s bad call – this is what high school is about.

3.) Trees changing – No one thinks of fall and doesn’t see a tree rocking red and orange leaves. Equally influential, stepping on crunchy bits of leaves and bark is a hobby signifying the undeniable passage of time. Trees facilitate both of these experiences.

2.) Fashion – With colder weather, one is able to open up their closets and wear attire that isn’t limited to surviving summer heat. Pants are reintroduced to the light of day, and layering makes a comeback. Best of all, people are finally able to relatably listen to “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood

1.) Fall-themed flavors – One day, society will realize that pumpkin and cinnamon flavors will never be out of style. The aromas of autumn are unlike any other, and make fall a delicious smelling and tasting time of year.