Top 10 Wildest College Mascots

Zachary Grover, Editor-In-Chief

Senior year is winding to a close and college is now right around the corner. With that, everyone will move throughout the country to a multitude of different colleges, some with mascots more strange than others. Here is a look at the top 10 wildest college mascots.

10.) Cocky the Gamecock, University of South Carolina- Besides the great name (more on that later in the list) why else does a gamecock deserve to be on this list? Webster’s Dictionary defines a gamecock as a “rooster of the domesticated chicken trained for fighting.” Who in the cockledoodledo comes up with that (

9.) Billiken, St. Louis University- The Billiken is what you are left with after you try to please everyone. It is a “mythical good luck figure who represents ‘things as they ought to be,’” according to the university’s website. Basically, a lot of words that mean nothing and leave you with something like the Michelin man (

8.) The Blue Blob, Xavier University- The Blue Blob is one of Xavier University’s two mascots. It looks like the Cookie Monster years down the road when all the cookies finally catch up to him and his metabolism slows down. Do yourself a favor and Google it.

7.) Cayenne the Ragin’ Cajun, University of Louisiana- There’s nothing more Lousianna than a big bowl of spicy Cajun gumbo. But you can’t have spice without some hot peppers and cayenne brings the heat to the athletic events of one of the cooler named teams in America, the Ragin’ Cajuns.

6.) Gorlock, Webster University- Gorlock was created by Webster University students and staff in a campus-wide competition. Gorlock has the paws of a speeding cheetah, the horns of a buffalo, the head of a dependable Saint Bernard dog, and the pride of a small school in Missouri (

5.) WuShock, Wichita State University- Nothing gets a crowd more hyped up than a… bundle of wheat? Wichita State is located in rural Kansas, which is why this pick makes a little sense. PETA members have got to love it but the gluten-free community is ready to riot.

4.) Speedy the Geoduck, Evergreen State College- A geoduck (pronounced gooey-duck) is the world’s largest burrowing clam and is commonly found in Puget Sound, Washington. It might be difficult to get the crowd going or intimidate the other team with this as your mascot, but it is unique, to say the least.

3.) Keggy the Keg, Dartmouth College- Keggy is the “unofficial official mascot of Dartmouth,” according to a Dartmouth apparel website. Born out of Dartmouth’s fraternity culture, Keggy’s origin is the stuff of legends. Good on Dartmouth students for having a little fun at one of the top colleges in the nation (

2.) Sammy the Banana Slug, UC Santa Cruz- UC Santa Cruz is home to Sammy, one of the more endearing mascots in the college community. The banana slug may be the most well known of the “weird mascots,” as Sammy has made appearances in Hollywood films like Pulp Fiction (

1.) Scrotie the Scrotum, Rhode Island School of Design- Yes, you’re reading this correctly: an art school in Rhode Island has a scrotum as its (un)official mascot. This costumed male genitalia’s design is anatomically correct and can be seen proudly parading around at school events. Even better, the school’s Basketball Team is named the Balls, the hockey team is the Nads, and the fencing team is the Pricks.