Top 10 Things to Get Your Mom This May

Jade Wood, Staff Writer

   Struggling to figure out what to get your motherly figure for Mother’s Day? Don’t panic! Here are the top 10  things you can give them this year.

   10.) Kitchen accessories- If your mom likes to cook, why not give her something that makes her work a little easier by getting her a kitchen accessory? With plenty of dishes to cook, it’s a given there’s something missing in your kitchen. Pressure cookers and non-stick pans are just two of many items needed in any household, and it’s a guarantee she’ll love this thoughtful gift.

   9.) Coffee- With all that moms go through and do for their children on a daily basis, fatigue is inevitable. Provide her with a rush of energy and strength by getting her some coffee from her favorite coffee shop or grabbing a yummy bag from the store. This is a great, wallet-friendly choice to keep you on budget.

   8.) Shoes- Any woman would appreciate a new pair of shoes, whether it be some comfy tennis shoes or some fancy going-out heels for a night away from the kids. With thousands of styles to choose from, there’s something for every mom. Simply put, shoes are any lady’s weakness.

   7.) Picture Frame- Print out the best photo of you two together and get a cute picture frame for it. Wrap it up all nice and give it to her, then be ready for the tears to start rolling and hugs to come your way. This present immortalizes a memory and lets her cherish it at any time.

   6.) Jewelry- How well do you know your mom? Figure out her favorite type of jewelry and gift a piece of it to her. Little or big, custom-made or store-bought, whenever she wears it, she will be reminded of you.

   5.) Purse- Between her wallet, phone, makeup, snacks, and whatever the day requires, a mother’s purse is easily worn out. Buying her a new one is an ideal and much-appreciated choice. Make sure the size is just right for her needs and don’t forget to take off the price tag!

   4.) Bath essentials- Bath time is most likely a highlight of your mom’s day, as it means relaxation and cleansing. Make it last with some bubbles, bath bombs, or salts to help her soak and enjoy her bath even more. Almost all retail stores and malls have a wide variety of bath essentials to choose from.

   3.) Flowers- A classic. Say what you want about this pick, but any woman will feel ten times more appreciated with the simple gesture of giving her a nice bouquet. If you’re looking for an infallible choice, go to the store and grab your mom’s favorite flowers. Or if you want to take it an extra step, visit a flower shop and get a special floral arrangement for her.

   2.) Spa day- A spa day provides a mom with some quality time for herself, something she most likely needs and deserves. Therefore, getting her a gift card to one is the perfect day off for her. All her tension, worries, and negative thoughts will fade with a good massage. Be ready for her to come home a new person.

   1.) Personalized gift- Anything personalized that has a considerable amount of thought put into it will always mean miles more than a gift with a big price tag. By personalizing something to your mom’s liking, you make the gift extra special. Adding something as simple as her name will make her love it, and a homemade card could be the cherry on top.