Global News: Yemen Faces Huge Struggle with Little Support

Matteo Faucheux, Staff Writer

   As a result of recent events in the 2022 Ukrainian-Russo Conflict, the ongoing Yemeni food crisis has only gotten worse. Alarmingly, the United States continues to give weapons to Saudi Arabia’s Coalition, a leading instigator of the crisis.

   According to an American news website, the Yemen Crisis started in 2014 after a populist uprising against the current pro-Saudi government. However, the country was still unstable and rebel forces from Yemen’s Sadda province, the Houthis, looked to overthrow the government. Soon, Saudi Arabia formed a coalition, intervened in 2015, and has waged a relentless war ever since (

   The United States has officially backed this intervention by the Saudi Coalition and has actively sent weapons such as drones, bombs, planes, tanks, and other various military materials and personnel. Many such weapons are being used without restraint in Yemen such as the drones that are currently being used to bomb civilians in the Yemen capital of Sanaa (

   According to an independent global news source, President Biden has yet to stop supporting the Saudi Coalition even when both countries’ attitudes towards each other have soured. US drones are still flying over Yemen and civilians continue to die (

   The famine in the country has continued to worsen, as many families have not gotten enough food to eat. The Saudi Coalition blockade stops most food and fuel imports, something the country needs. Yemen has continued to stagnate and many of its people lack the food and supplies they need to live (

   According to the United Nations, acute malnutrition for children has risen to 284 percent in 2020, as many as 17.4 million people out of the country’s 29.83 million population. It is expected for 1.6 million people to fall into critical hunger soon, meaning a total of 7.3 million people will be plagued by inadequate food intake by the end of the year (

   As of April 2, 2022, the UN has officially brokered a successful ceasefire between all factions in the civil war, and Humanitarian aid may just finally come in. The US has welcomed the truce but has yet to back active humanitarian efforts supported by the UN according to The New York Times ( People are hopeful that the crisis will end. Junior Chuanquing Fann stated, “I hope they can figure this out before more people get hurt. Everybody needs to do their part.”

   As the end of the conflict looks closer than ever, maybe America will reflect on sending of weapons and bombs that caused most of the destruction and fueled the war. People would be spared.