Top Ten Spring Break Activities

Jade Wood, Staff Writer

   Spring break is quickly approaching and with it being one of the least restricted vacations in almost two years, most people want to make it one to remember. Here are the top ten things to do to make your 2022 spring break just that.

   10.) Movie marathon- Grab your friends, family, or simply couch surf solo for a night of movies and TV shows. Pick up a whole lot of snacks and curl up on the couch with all your cozy blankets and pillows. Just make sure you take into account the possibility of falling asleep late into the night.

   9.) Museum day- One of San Diego’s most popular activities is touring a museum, as the city has countless exhibits to see. Whether you visit the San Diego Museum of Art, USS Midway, or the San Diego History Museum, a memorable time is guaranteed. Many of these museums have a no entry fee or a student discount, making this a financially viable option.

   8.) Camping- Call it old school or lame, but camping can be one of the most liberating activities on this list. With most people attached to their phones, this is a perfect way to get away from it all. Head to a campground, enjoy the beautiful springtime weather, and connect with nature. Just don’t forget to pack a good amount of covers and bug spray!

   7.) Learn to surf- Are you even living if you’re in San Diego and don’t know how to surf? Regardless of your skills, get in the water and try it out! Enjoy riding some waves into San Diego’s beautiful sunsets. Consider having a friend join you, as the fun only doubles.

   6.) Hiking- Since it’s springtime, the weather outside is neither too hot nor too cold, making this the perfect time to hike. There are plenty of hiking spots all over San Diego like Cowles Mountain, Three Sisters Falls, or Los Penasquitos Canyon Trails. They all have beautiful views and provide you with a great way of enjoying nature.

   5.) State parks- State parks are another excellent approach to getting out and having a blast. This is one of the less strenuous and more independent activities on the list. State parks like Ahjumawi Lava Springs, Calaveras Big Trees, or Fremont Ford State park are waiting for you to visit them.

   4.) Swim with dolphins- For all the animal lovers out there, here’s something for you. SeaWorld offers dolphin interaction for teens over 14. You can hop in the water with an experienced worker and play with some dolphins. It’s an adventure that’s sure to create some wonderful anecdotes.

   3.) Amusement parks- All over California, there are some great experiences waiting for you in amusement parks. With a wide variety of places to go to like Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Disneyland, fun is a certainty.

   2.) Cliff jumping- If you are a more adventurous person and like to take risks, why not try some cliff jumping on a hot day? There are lots of places with beach access in San Diego to jump from, just be careful you don’t get a ticket. Cliff jumping provides you with a rush of adrenaline and a chance to get out of your comfort zone.

   1.) Road trip- The best spring break activity remains a good old road trip. Pick any place (or a couple), get in the car with your preferred companions, and start driving. You get to spend your spring break on the road doing whatever you desire, and could even pack everything on this list into one amazing road trip.