This Spring, Spend a Staycation in San Diego

Allison Martin, Staff Writer

   Spring Break is a time for relaxation, a break from school, and an opportunity to try new things. However, it can easily become a dreadful, boring period with nothing to do. Luckily, San Diego has tons of spring-themed festivities so that you can enjoy your break to the fullest.

  San Diego is obviously known for its weather and beaches, making it the perfect place to go tide pooling! Some beaches such as La Jolla Cove or the beach in front of the Hotel Del Coronado are perfect places to do so when there are spring low-tides. According to a San Diego travel magazine, March is rated one of the best times to go tide pooling since it has some of the lowest tides. You can even make a checklist based on what you may find, from shells to sea animals (

   Another thing to do on your time off is to visit the San Diego Zoo. Considered one of the top zoos in the world, it’s an unmissable attraction for anyone in San Diego. With many plants in bloom and great weather, why not visit all the animals and create fun memories with your favorite people? As per San Diego’s official website, the San Diego Zoo is opening its brand new Komodo Kingdom exhibit, featuring over 100 different species of komodo dragons from four different environments (

  Another spring activity is at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Starting on March 19, the Safari Park will be opening their Spring Safari, featuring their spring butterfly jungle. The butterfly jungle is a room filled with plants and hundreds of beautiful winged insects. You can walk through the jungle and a couple of butterflies may even land on you! The Safari Park is located in San Pasqual Valley, San Diego (

  As if San Diego couldn’t get any better, in Carlsbad, San Diego we have the San Diego Flower Fields. Here you can  also find strawberries, picnic areas, photo spots, as well as many more attractions. Many flowers here are usually only in bloom for about ten weeks a year, so the spring is the only time you can go and see them. There’s even an American flag-shaped flower field (

   Freshman Charlie LaPierre said, “I’m really excited for Spring Break so I can do fun activities with my friends and maybe get a little taste of summer.”

   Spring break is coming up fast, so buckle up and get ready for it. Now that you know about some of San Diego’s upcoming events, which will you be attending?