Donate Your Hair For A Good Cause This St. Baldricks

Isabella Hughes, Staff Writer

   The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is the leading non-governmental fund for childhood cancer research in the United States and around the world. It is a volunteer and donor-powered charity dedicated to supporting the most promising research that leads to cures for childhood cancer. 

   St. Baldrick’s Day began in March of 1999 when three men challenged each other to shave their heads to raise donations for cancer. “Their goal was to raise 17,000 dollars, they ended up with 104,000. The rest is history.” This first event took place at Jim Brady’s Irish Pub, where 19 other people shaved their heads for the cause as well (st.baldrick’

   Worldwide, a child is diagnosed with cancer every two minutes. More children are lost to cancer in the United States than any other disease, more than many of the other diseases combined. St. Baldrick’s website states, “In the 1950s, almost all kids diagnosed with cancer died. Because of research, today about 90 percent of kids with the most common type of cancer will live. But for many other types, progress has been limited. For some kids, there is still little hope for a cure” (st.baldrick’

   The St. Baldrick’s foundation is solely about the kids and giving them the childhood they were meant to have. The foundation states, “Kids should be on the playground, not in hospitals. When a child suffers from cancer, a piece of their childhood is taken away and their lives will never be the same. This is why we’re determined to take childhood back from cancer and give kids with cancer the childhoods they deserve” (st.baldrick’ 

   The foundation’s main events are based around the time of St. Patrick’s Day, and with the charity based around shaving one’s head bald, the name St. Baldrick’s arose. A majority of the events are head shaving fundraisers, where people sign up, raise as much money as they can, and then get their heads shaved. UC High Sophomore Evan Hughes participated in St. Baldrick’s in years past where he “…raised over 200 dollars and [my] sister, who also participated, raised almost 10,000 dollars.”

   St. Baldrick’s is completely dependent on volunteers, as “…event organizers, shavees, barbers, sponsors, donors, staff, board members, and other volunteers generate 100 percent of revenues.” People all around the world are a part of the foundation. Firehouses, schools, churches, and bars host a majority of the events. Teams like RT Specialty, Thomas and Mack Company, LSUHSC School of Medicine, and Sports Clips are some of the major donors to St. Baldrick’s. People are often surprised when they get on stage to have their head shaved and a traditional barber is not what is waiting for them. Hughes stated, “I couldn’t believe it when a retired Bears player stood behind me with a razor ready to shave my head at my first St. Baldrick’s. To a seven year old kid, that’s pretty awesome” (st.baldrick’ 

   The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is dedicated to giving kids with cancer hope for a life outside of hospitals and a long healthy one after their treatment. They are a massive donor to childhood cancer research and will continue to raise money to support life-saving developments.