Top Ten: Most Overused Costumes

Shaun Rabot, Sports Editor

With Halloween quickly approaching, coming up with good costume ideas can be difficult. Costumes can range from scary to funny to even playful. With tons of different ideas, the costume options seem endless. Still, some costumes are totally overused year after year. Here are the top 10 most outplayed and overdone costumes.

   10.) Bumble Bee- Throw on some black and yellow clothes, and maybe your little sister has some old fairy wings you can borrow… and that’s all there is to this costume. Every Halloween, numerous people dress up as bumblebees thinking they are being original or different. However, most of the time, they all look the same. If you want to go for an original look, this is not a costume you should wear. 

   9.) Zombie- Zombies are a staple of Halloween. Seen at every turn, they are a classic costume. When seen on TV and in movies they look incredible, and there’s a good reason. With high budgets and professional make-up, any costume can be a winner. If done correctly, this costume ranks amongst the best, but if done wrong, it’ll make you look like you’re part of a fifth grade movie project. 

   8.) Clown- Clown costumes can be scary or funny, and it is very difficult to nail either one. Even though there are many different ways to customize or decorate this costume, most of the time they end up looking the same. You’ll see this costume on kids, teens, and even some adults every Halloween. Clowns are a thing of the past and dressing up as one should be as well.

   7.) Witch/Wizard- Who doesn’t want to be Harry Potter or the Wicked Witch from The Wizard Of Oz? Who hasn’t dressed as a Witch or Wizard at least once in their lifetime? This costume is one of the most popular Halloween outfits of all time, and that is why you should try and avoid it.

   6.) Cat- Being a cat is without a doubt one of the most popular last-minute costumes there is. All you need for this costume is some all-black clothes, some face paint for whiskers, and some cat ears to put on your head. So incredibly easy to put together, at least two cats can be seen at any given Halloween party. Don’t be number three.

   5.) Vampire- Nothing screams Halloween like vampires. Pale skin, long fangs, and a dark cape, this costume is very in line with the spirit of Halloween. The issue with the Vampire is that there is only so much to be modified. If you were to walk into a Halloween store, you can be sure to find a cape, some fake blood, plastic teeth, and pale makeup. Beyond that, there is only so much you can do. This costume screams, “I couldn’t think of my own idea.”

   4.) Devil/Angel- These costumes can be paired together or be worn individually. Neither screams ingenuity. The angel part of the costume is meant to be all white with a pair of wings while the devil counterpart is to wear all red with horns. Although this costume can be taken to the next level with some all-out effort, it has been reprised one too many times to be a good costume and so it finds itself number four on this list. 

   3.) Ghostbusters- The Ghostbusters movie was most popular in the ‘80s-2000s. Most of the children that go out for Halloween probably haven’t even seen the movies or they won’t be able to name the main characters from it. Dressing up as a Ghostbuster has overstayed its time and should have been left in the early to mid-2000s.

   2.) Nurse- You would think that nurses are some sort of god which came down and saved the earth by the amount of people who dress up as them. If so many people are so keen to be nurses they actually should have taken up the profession and maybe they could have helped with the COVID-19 pandemic. It isn’t a bad costume, it’s an overplayed costume. Simple as that.

   1.) Nerd- Let’s face it, we’ve all either dressed as a nerd or at least thought about doing it. This is one of the easiest last-minute costumes to dress up as. Although it is an easy costume to put together, there is only so much you can change in it to make it look different from other people. Don’t be the one to show up late to a party with nothing but tape on some glasses with no lenses.