Top Ten Pranks to Pull This April Fool’s Day

Kate Wiggins, Features Editor

   April Fools Day is the designated day to pull hilarious, but not harmful, pranks on friends and family. The list of pranks to choose from can be quite extensive — it really depends on what you want the result of your prank to be. Do you want to give someone a good scare? Or do you want to pull the most legendary prank ever? If you can’t decide, here are the top 10 pranks to pull this April Fool’s Day. 

   10.) Hidden Surprise- Get a fake snake, or maybe a big spider, and hide it somewhere in your home. Good places would be in a cabinet, under a pile of clothes, or in a drawer. You can find very realistic looking creatures to give someone a good scare this April Fool’s Day. 

   9). Broken Mouse- Cover the sensor of a mouse with a piece of duct tape, so the cursor can’t move on your computer. Whoever is using it will be confused as to why it won’t work. 

   8). Whoopie Cushion Frenzy- For as long as these have been around, they will always make the room laugh. Hide whoopie cushions all over your home, under all your couches and chairs, to have a day full of fun. 

   7). Tape on the Faucet- This one has been around for ages, but it works every time. Take a piece of scotch or duct tape and cover the nozzle of the faucet, but leave a small gap towards the front. Whoever is the first person to turn the sink will be welcomed with a splash of water. 

   6). Balloons- If you have a lot of time on your hands, this may be the prank for you! Blow up as many balloons as your can, and put them all in someone’s room. Start by having enough to cover the floor, and then work your way up from there. You could even fill some with helium to cover the ceiling. This would work in someone’s office, or even their car. 

   5). Krispy Kreme Veggies- Buy a box of a dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme and swap them out for carrots and broccoli. Unless someone enjoys eating veggies over donuts for breakfast, this will be a disappointing surprise. Keep the donuts around to pull out just when everyone thinks there are none. 

   4). Honk Your Horn- Before your prank victim gets in their car to go to work, school, or wherever they are off to, tape a sign or write “honk your horn if you love pizza,” or anything along those lines to the back of their car. The driver will have no idea why they are being honked at. 

   3). Replace Family Portraits- Spice up your family portraits or hung photos by replacing them with a new picture. Whether it be your favorite selfie, a picture of someone famous you admire, or even a meme. Surely, your mom would be surprised to see Guy Fieri hanging up instead of a family photo.

   2). Sticky Notes- Decorate a friend or family member’s car with a lot of sticky notes. If you’re committed to covering the whole car, you’re going to need around 55 packs of sticky notes. Be creative! Try spelling out words or making simple shapes by alternating colors to give this prank an extra touch.

   1). Everything Upside Down- Completely flip everything in someones room or house upside down. This includes couches, lamps, pictures, chairs, tables, appliances: basically anything that will hold itself when flipped. You will surely surprise anyone who comes home to an upside down disaster.