Top 10 Duo Halloween Costumes

Summer Ingalls, Staff Writer

   Halloween will be here before you know it! Brainstorming what to wear can be tricky, especially when adding another person to your costume idea. Whether you like a creative, cute, spooky, or funny costume, there is a little bit of something for every type of costume wearer. So grab your best friend or romantic partner and try out one of these iconic duo costumes before it’s too late! After all, no one likes the pressure of last-minute costume hunting. 

   10.) Bob Ross and a painted Canvas – Does it get more iconic than famous Painter Bob Ross, and his paint canvas? Convince your best friend to dress up with you in this costume to really steal the show this Halloween. The set comes complete with a curly hairpiece, canvas, and painter’s palette for 40 dollars on Amazon. 

   9.) Dionne and Cher from CluelessThought plaid and knee high socks were out of style? As if!  If you’re a fan of the hit ‘90s film then you can’t go wrong with a Clueless costume. Perfect for you and your best friend, this costume is stylish yet clever, perfect if you are trying to expand on your style this Halloween. This costume is available for 20 dollars on

   8.) Playing Card Group Costume –  This creative costume is perfect for your and your friends. You can even have up to 52 friends with this costume idea! Just grab some white tee shirts (or any desired color) from your local craft store and some red paint, and design your shirt as your favorite playing card. This costume is perfect for those last minute costume hunts, and you can even do it yourself. 

   7.) The Powerpuff Girls –  This trio costume is perfect for you and your friends. First, figure out which of your friends identify closest with the show’s characters Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles. Then dress the part with colored dresses and acsessories that match each character’s outfits from the show. Don’t you just love DIY costumes? Cheap and easy!

   6.) Dancing Emoji –  This creative one-stop-shopping, homemade costume is perfect for you and your bestie. To get this costume down, you will need a pair of black tees, black shorts, black socks and black bunny ears or bows. This costume takes nearly no time at all to assemble and will only set you back about 20 dollars! Make sure you get those dance moves down to complete this costume. 

    5.) Jack Skellington and Sally – Put your spookiest foot forward in these authentic Jack Skellington and Sally costumes inspired by Halloween Town’s sweethearts from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. This costume is perfect for those who love Halloween makeup. It’s simple but still yet so spooky! You can make this costume yourself or you can purchase both costumes for 90 dollars from shop 

   4.) Daphne and Velma – This iconic duo costume from the hit show Scooby Doo is a super cute yet simple costume for you and your bestie to do yourself. Daphne’s go-to outfit consists of: a purple mini dress, pink tights, a green scarf, purple shoes, and a headband that matches the trim of her dress. Dress in an orange turtleneck sweater, thick framed glasses, a red pleated skirt, orange high socks, and a pair of red flats to be Velma. 

   3.)  Party Animal – This costume is stellar for any Halloween party you plan on attending.  Throw on your favorite fancy party dress or suit and tie, grab some animal ears and tails from your local halloween store, and lastly don’t forget to add those whiskers on your face!  This costume will surely get you some laughs from your peers. Cheers to deers, wolves, and rabbits! 

   2.) Lifeguards – The beaches and pools will be safe for swimming this Halloween when you and your friends dress up as lifeguards this year, and it is super simple to make! All you need to do is cover your work surface in plastic trash bags or newspaper, place a red swimsuit on your work surface, then tape a stencil spelling out the word “lifeguard” on the front of the swimsuit using masking tape, next spray paint the letters using white paint, and finally wear the costume with a pair of white flip-flops and sunglasses.

  1.)  The Joker and Harley Quinn – Kill it this Halloween as the Joker and Harley Quinn. Perfect for couples costumes on Fright Night, these two looks pair wickedly together, transforming any duo into two of the biggest baddies in the comic book universe. With their oddly heartfelt yet twisted relationship, Harley Quinn and the Joker will be so much fun to recreate, and the couple rocking these costumes is sure to steal the show at any celebration. Villainous pair of the year? I think yes! This costume is available for 100 dollars for both costumes on